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Email Logs


This feature is available on Medium, Large, and Large Plus subscriptions. The Email Log page displays all emails sent from the following pages:

  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Quote
  • Purchase Order
  • Sales Order
  • Ship Note
  • Supplier Return
  • Warehouse Transfer
  • Credit

To view Email Logs

Go to Settings | Security | Email Logs.

  • The list of emails is displayed.
  • You can filter or sort the list as required.
  • Click Export to download the email log as a csv file.

Email Log page


The following information is provided on the Email Log page:

Sender - the email address of the user initiating the process (note - this is not necessarily the same email address as the "From" field in the email templates, which could contain a different email address used for replies to emails you have sent)

Recipients - the email address(es) that the email was sent to

CC - the email address(es) that were copied in the email

Subject - the text used in the email subject area

Type - the transaction type generating the email

Reference - the transaction reference number associated to the email (hyperlink to actual transaction)

Time - the date and time (local) that the email was dispatched 

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