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Role Permissions


Use Role Permissions to effectively manage what pages or information your users can access (and in some cases edit) within your Unleashed account. By implementing Roles with varying permissions you can ensure your data's secure, accurate and reliable. Similarly, it can help to simplify your team's views of Unleashed so they can focus on their tasks at hand. 

User Roles are designed with a hierarchy system, in which a "Child" user role will only have access to the permissions made available to the "Parent" it's been created from. Once a Child Role has been created, the Parent role's permissions can no longer be edited. We recommend you customize the roles from top-down as it becomes easier to filter out the permission you don't want the child role to see based on what they inherited.


By default, the role "Superuser" will exist in your Unleashed account and provides any allocated user with access to all pages and details in Unleashed, apart from Unleashed API Access and Billing, which are only visible to the account owner. 

In order to restrict a user's access to certain information in Unleashed, a Role must first be created for them. Once a Role has been created, it can be assigned to multiple users of your Unleashed account. All permissions set against the Role will apply to all users with that role allocated. 

Create a Role

  1. From the main menu, go to Settings, Security and select Roles

  2. Enter a name for the new role in the *User Role field.

  3. In the *Parent dropdown menu, select an existing role the new role will be the child of. By default, the new role will be a child of the the user creating them (i.e. your own user's role).
    Reminder: Any permissions currently applied to the Parent will also apply to the new role.

  4. Click Add

Manage Roles

  1. From the main menu, go to Settings, Security and select Roles

  2. Click on the existing Role to update the Role Name.

  3. Click on the bin icon next to the existing Role to delete it.
    NOTE: If the role is currently added to a user, it cannot be deleted. 

Role Permissions

Once a Role has been created for a user, you can then set permissions to restrict what access they have when navigating through Unleashed.

To review and edit the permissions of a Role, go to the main menu and select Settings, Security and Role Permissions. Use the Role dropdown menu to select a Role you want to update. If the Role doesn't exist yet, click on the "Add new role" link and you will be directed to the Roles page where you can create one. 

Viewing Role Permissions

Once a Role's been selected in the Role Permissions page, a condensed list of the Permissions available to the selected role will be shown. In the top right corner there is an "Expand/Collapse All" button, which will expand all sections in the Permissions list to show each individual permission or it will collapse any expanded sections to show only the titular permission. You can expand specific sections of the Permissions list by clicking on the arrow icon next to each section.

Manage Access permissions to Roles

Each individual permission listed will show a padlock icon in the Access column to identify whether the Role has been granted access to it:

  • Green open padlock: The role can access the page in Unleashed.
  • Grey locked padlock: The role cannot access the page in Unleashed.

To enable/disable access for all permissions listed for a Role, click on the Access padlock icon in the grid's header. 

To enable/disable access for individual permissions listed for a role, locate the permission from the list provided and click the padlock icon in the Access column.

Manage Can Edit permissions for Roles

Some permissions can also restrict whether a role can edit a specific detail or field within a page they have access to. The Can Edit column will populate an icon to identify if the role has editing ability for the listed permission:

  • Green checkbox with a pencil: The role can make edits to the detail in Unleashed.
  • Grey empty checkbox: The role cannot make edits to the detail in Unleashed. 

To enable/disable Can Edit permission for a Role (where available), click on the Can Edit icon in the grid's header. 

To enable/disable Can Edit for individual permissions for a Role (where available), locate the permission from the list provided and tick the Can Edit check box in the Can Edit column.

Role Permissions

Permission Group Access Permissions available Can Edit Permissions available

Advanced Inventory Manager

Advanced Inventory Manager (AIM) N/A
Business Intelligence (BI)

BI Foundation:

  • Customers
  • Inventory
  • Production
  • Purchases
  • Sales

BI Vision:

  • Customers
  • Inventory
  • Production
  • Purchases
  • Sales
    • BI Historical Data Import - Sales
    • Targets
  • Targets & Tracking
    • Notifications
    • Targets

BI Vision:

  • Sales
    • Targets
Change Password Change Password N/A
Dashboard Dashboard N/A
Data Exporter
  • Data Exporter:
    • Assembly Data Source
    • Purchase Order Data Source
    • Sales Order Data Source
    • Sales Shipment Data Source
    • Warehouse Transfer Data Source
Data Exporter
File Library File Library N/A
  • Batch Number Import
  • Batch Numbers Enquiry Page
  • Create Stock Count
  • Export Stock On Hand
  • Import Stock On Hand
  • Markup Price Update
  • Price List Enquiry
  • Product
  • Product Allocations
  • Product Change Codes
  • Product Enquiry
  • Product Export
  • Product Import
  • Product Price Markup Import
  • Product Supplier Import
  • Quick Stock Count
  • Serial Number Import
  • Serial Numbers Enquiry Page
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Stock Adjustments Export
  • Stock Count Entry
  • Stock Count Import
  • Stock Count List
  • Stock Movement
  • Stock On Hand Enquiry:
    • Cost
  • Stock Revaluation
  • Stock Valuation Export
  • Transaction Enquiry
  • View Products
  • View Stock Adjustments
  • View Warehouse Stock
  • Transfers
  • Warehouse Stock Transfer
  • Warehouse Stock Transfer Import


Mobile Sales App

View all SalesOrders

  • Assembly Details:
    • Assembly Durations
    • Assembly Export
    • Assembly Import
  • Assembly Kanban
  • Bill of Materials Details
  • Disassembly Details
  • Export Bill of Materials
  • Import Bill of Materials
  • Production Enquiry
  • View Assemblies
  • View Bill of Materials
  • Costing Analysis Report
  • Costing Analysis Report Export
  • Export Purchases
  • Export Suppliers
  • Import Purchases
  • Import Suppliers
  • Purchase Enquiry
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order Approvals
  • Purchase Order Costing
  • Receipt Purchase
  • Reorder Report
  • Supplier
  • Supplier Change Codes
  • Supplier Return
  • View Purchases
  • View Supplier Returns
  • View Suppliers
  • Backorder Enquiry
  • Batch Complete
  • Complete Sales Order
  • Create Purchase
  • Create Shipment
  • Credit
  • Credit Enquiry
  • Customer
    • Customer Pricing
    • Override Credit Limits
    • Set Credit Limits
  • Customer Change Codes
  • Export Credits
  • Export Customers
  • Export Sales Invoices
  • Export Sales Orders
  • Export Sales Quotes
  • Import Customers
  • Import Sales Quotes
  • Import/Export
  • Invoice Enquiry
  • Margin Enquiry
  • Sales Enquiry
  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Order
    • Margin
    • Profit
    • Sales Order Discounts
    • Sales Order Pricing
  • Sales Quote
    • Margin
    • Profit
    • Unit Price
  • Sales Quote Enquiry
  • Sales Shipment
  • Shipment Enquiry
  • Unit Sales Enquiry
  • View Credits
  • View Customers
  • View Invoices
  • View Sales Orders
    • Average Profit
    • Cost
    • Margin
    • Total Profit
  • View Sales Quotes
    • Average Profit
    • Cost
    • Margin
    • Profit
  • View Shipments
  • Customer
    • Customer Pricing
  • Sales Order
    • Sales Order Discounts

  • Sales Quote
    • Unit Price
  • Accounting Configuration
  • Accounts
  • Adjustment Reasons
  • Assembly Statuses
  • Attribute Sets
  • Automated Notification
  • Company
  • Credit Reasons
  • Currency Rates
  • Customer Types
  • Delivery Methods
  • Document Designer
  • eCommerce Hub:
    • eCommerce Hub Amazon
    • eCommerce Hub Shopify
    • eCommerce Hub WooCommerce
  • Email History
  • Export All
  • Integration Store
  • Invite a User
  • My Account Page
  • Payment Terms
  • Prefixes
  • Product Groups
  • Purchase Order Statuses
  • Role Permissions
  • Roles
  • Sales Order Group
  • Sales Order Statuses
  • Salespersons
  • Sell Price Tiers
  • Setup Wizard
  • Shipping Companies
  • Supplier Return Reasons
  • Taxes
  • Unit Of Measures
  • Update Billing
  • Update Credit Card
  • Upgrade Your Subscription
  • Users
  • Version Feature List
  • View Warehouses
  • Warehouse
  • Xero Configuration
  • Xero Export
  • Xero Import

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