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Invoice Enquiry



The Invoice Enquiry Report enables you to view all Sales Invoices, as well as Credit Notes in Unleashed.

You can access the Invoice Enquiry Report via Reports>Sales>Invoice Enquiry. 

Specify the required options and click Run to view a filtered list.

If needed, you can export to PDF, CSV, XLSX or XLS. 

Report Filters

Date from/Date To: Select the date range to see Sales Invoices
Transaction Date: You can select the Invoice Date, Due Date, or Completed Date
Sell Price Tier: You can display Invoices based on their assigned Sell Price Tier
Printed: Filter whether this Invoice was printed or not
Include Credits: Choose whether or not to include the Credit Notes
Warehouse: Select a particular Warehouse or Warehouses
Transaction Number: Sales Invoice number
Sales Order Number: Choose to display one selected Invoice
Status: The status of the Invoice
Sales Order Group: Filter by the Sales Group
Customer Type: Filer by the Customer type
Customer Code: Search for a specific Customer
Customer Name: Search for a specific Customer
Sales Person: Filter by the Unleashed User that processed this Invoice

Comparing Invoice Revenue to BI Sales Revenue:

To match the Sales Revenue in BI, make sure you select the Invoice Date as the Transaction Date and check the Include Credits option.  Adding the Total Charges and Total Revenue will equal the BI Sales Revenue.


Additional Information:

Use the action cog to edit, print, email, or Complete the Sales Invoice. The print and email options are available only for Completed Invoices.

Remember you have the option to add extra columns, via Show Toolbar>Hidden Columns:

  • Charge Sub Total
  • Comments
  • Cost
  • Customer Type
  • Printed
  • Profit
  • Sales Order Group
  • Sales Person
  • Tax Total
  • Total

At the bottom of the report, you will find the report summary which includes the Average Margin ((Profit/Sales Revenue)*100)), Total Charges and the Total Revenue for the period selected.


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