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Product Enquiry


About Product Enquiry

The Product Enquiry page enables you to view the status of a product in Unleashed. This can range from what stock is on hand to what is available. You can access the Product Enquiry report page via Reports | Inventory | Product Enquiry.


Product Enquiry page

Anything that is marked in blue (hyper-linked), you can click on to drill down on the information shown.


Functional descriptions

The following provides a list of descriptions for the functions and features available to you on this page.


Header field descriptions

Warehouse: This is the warehouse you would like to see the data for. It is optional so leave it blank if you want to see all warehouses. 
Product Code & Description: This is the product that you are enquiring on.
Bin Location: If the product has a bin location then this will display here. If Per Warehouse Transfer option is selected, it displays the specified bin location for the selected warehouse of that product.
Unit Of Measure: The Unit of Measure of the product selected will display here.
Barcode: If the product has a barcode number then this will display here.
Never Diminishing: If the product is marked as Never Diminishing then this will be ticked.
On Hand: The physical On Hand amount of the product is shown here based on the warehouse selected.
On Purchase: The amount on purchase of this product will show here. This is the amount of this product on Placed purchase orders, not Parked.
On Assembly: This is the amount of this product currently being assembled.
On Order: This is the amount of this product currently allocated to Parked Sales Orders.
In Assembly: This is the amount of this product currently being used in an assembly.
On Transfer: This is the number of products currently on a Parked Warehouse Transfer.
On Quote: This is the number of products currently on quote. However, these are not allocated to the quotes. 
Available:  This is the amount available to sell or use in Unleashed after the allocated amounts have been taken off.
Print: To print what you are viewing at any time you can click Print in the top banner. When Per Warehouse Tracking is selected, and the specified warehouse is selected, then the PDF will contain the bin location for that warehouse.

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