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List of Report Descriptions


The Report pages provide you with overview information on a particular module. Most of these screens enable you to view and edit various requirements, and you can edit at line level for most items. The following list provides a brief overview of what each Report screen can do.

Purchase Reports

  • Purchase Enquiry: enables you to filter and report on all your Purchase Order lines.
  • Costing Analysis Report: shows how each transaction has affected the landed cost. The only transactions that affect the landed cost are Purchase Orders, Assemblies and Stock Adjustments. You can use this screen to view and analyze how a product's landed price has changed over time.
  • Reorder Report: enables you to view the availability of all of your products along with their associated Supplier - and with the relevant stock level information. This report is ideal to see if your stock is running low and you need to replenish new stock.

Inventory Reports

  • Product Enquiry: enables you to view the status of a product in Unleashed ranging from what you have on purchase to what you have available.
  • Serial Number Enquiry: allows you to search for serial numbers of a product by using specified filters that are available.
  • Stock On Hand Enquiry: enables to find the stock on hand at any date based on several filters.
  • Transaction Enquiry: enables you to view all transactions based on several filters specified.
  • Product Allocations: enables you to view what products are allocated to what transactions. You can easily customize your search by using the filter options.
  • Quick Stock Count: enables you to get a list of all your products that have stock on hand. You can then print a count sheet to do a stocktake.
  • Stock Movement Enquiry: enables you to view several important figures. These can range from the opening stock, purchases and closing stock for a defined period.
  • Price List Enquiry: enables you to view all your products and all their prices (including price tiers).

Production Reports

  • Production Enquiry: enables you to filter and report on assemblies.

Sales Reports

  • Margin Enquiry: enables you to filter and reports on your sales and credits.
  • Unit Sales Enquiry: enables you to view how your products are performing over a longer term.
  • Sales Enquiry: enables you to filter and report on your Sales.
  • Backorder Enquiry: enables you to manage the creation and dispatch of Shipments.
  • Shipment Enquiry: can be used by warehouse staff to view and process open Shipments.
  • Credit Enquiry: enables you to filter and report on your Credits.
  • Invoice Enquiry: enables you to view all Sales Invoices.

Reporting Tutorial

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