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View Suppliers



After you import or create suppliers in Unleashed, you can use the View Suppliers page to view and manage your suppliers.


  • Unleashed on Browser


Navigate to Suppliers>View Suppliers



You can filter by Supplier or Obsolete fields.



To import bulk supplier details, click Import.

To export the existing supplier details, click Export. You can choose to export as PDF, CSV, or XLSX.



To add a new supplier, click Add Supplier.


For more information, see Add a new supplier.


You can use the bulk action cog to perform bulk functions:

  • Select All
  • Select None
  • Obsolete
  • Delete



You can use the action cog to perform functions at line level.

  • Edit: Edit supplier details.
  • View in Xero: This option is only available if you have integrated with Xero. Displays the supplier details in Xero.
  • Add Purchase: add a Purchase Order for the Supplier.
  • View Transactions: Displays the Purchase Enquiry page. You can run or export a report of transactions for the supplier.
  • Obsolete: Marks the supplier as Obsolete. If you want to revert, open the supplier record and clear the Obsolete check box.
  • Delete: You can only delete suppliers if there are no associated transactions.



If you want to customize the grid columns, see How to Create Default Grid Layouts.

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