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Customer Change Codes


You can update or edit a customer's code either individually or in bulk, using the Changes Codes in your Customer module. 

Changing Customer Codes

  1. From the main menu, go to Customers, Change Codes.

To update a single customer code

If you are updating individual customer's codes, one at a time, follow the below steps:

  1. In the Customer Change Codes page, click on the Single tab.

  2. Enter the old customer code in the *Customer field.

  3. In the *New Customer Code field, enter the new customer code details.

  4. Click Save.


To update multiple customer codes

If multiple customers require an update to their customer codes, you can use a CSV import to update them in bulk. To do this, follow the below steps:

  1. In the Customer Change Codes page, click on the Batch tab.

  2. Click on the Download Customer Change Codes template button, which will download a CSV template to your browser.

  3. In the CSV template, fill in the *Old Customer Code column with each customer's current customer code alongside their *New Customer Code.
  4. Save the file in .csv format

  5. Upload the CSV template into the Customer Change Codes Batch tab.

Customer Change Codes log

Each time a customer's code is updated or edited, whether individually or in bulk, the change is logged in the Customer Change Codes grid. The grid is displayed in both the Single and Batch tabs and can be exported to a CSV file, using the Export button in the top right of the Change Codes page. 

The grid displays:

  • Changes Date: The date and time the customer's code was changed.
  • Old Code: The previous version of the customer's code.
  • New Code: The updated version of the customer's code.
  • User: The login email address of the user who actioned the customer code change.


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