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Serial Number Enquiry


About Serial Number Enquiry

The Serial Number Enquiry page works by providing you with an easy to use report that searches by these available filters:

  • Warehouse (where your product and serial numbers are located)
  • Serial Number (exact characters in the serial number or entire serial number)
  • Product Code (code of the serialized product)
  • Product Description (description of the serialized product), or
  • Status, which contain the following options:
    • Available: It indicates that the item is in stock and available and also where it is located (location of the warehouse, etc).
    • Unavailable: It is not in the warehouse or in stock (dispatched), parked or it is returned to the Supplier.
    • Deleted: The stock is either adjusted, lost and/or do not know where it is.

You can use these filters to search for products with serial numbers. On this page, you can view;

  • Serial Numbers
  • Product Codes/Descriptions
  • Warehouse information

Press Run to generate the report.

You can simply click on the Serial Number at line level to show a list of related transactions.

Column descriptions

Serial Number: Displays unique serial number(s) for the product at line level.
Product Code: Displays the unique product code for the specified product,
Product Description: Displays the unique product description for the specified product, i.e. name or another label.
Warehouse: Displays the name of the warehouse that the product is stored.
Status: Displays the relevant status of the Serial Number. Statuses can include Available, Unavailable and Deleted.
Date Added: This is the date that the Serial Number was created in Unleashed.


Filtering your Serial Number Enquiry

  1. Select a filter(s) you want to use from the top of the Serial Number Enquiry page. 
  2. Press Run
  3. Your results appear on the page.

Showing a list of related transactions

When you click on a serial number at line level on this page, you can instantly view a list of related transaction items. This is ideal for customers who want to see the total history of a Serialized Product, using this option allows you can track and trace the history of a serialized product easily. For example, if a customer has a broken item that they want to return, you can use their serial number of the product to check when the sale was completed, and action accordingly. 


Exporting your list

The export option provides 2 different lists:

Export Serial Information (details of product serial number transactions)
Export to CSV (simple list of Product Code, Product Description, Warehouse Code, Serial Number)

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