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Batch Numbers Enquiry


The Batch Numbers Enquiry page displays the entire history of a batch number in Unleashed; this report is ideal for users who want to track batch numbers in Unleashed throughout the product lifecycle. It provides you the ability to;

  • view the full history of the batch numbers, and
  • a complete record for each batch. 
  • You can view where your batch has come from to where it has gone to.
  • See what Suppliers or Customers are attached to your batch, right through to seeing how much stock has gone to how much stock is left on your shelves, you have full transparency on your batches.
This helps you to perform a Recall if you need to by simply contacting the affected Supplier and Customers for that batch.
  • You can also view any product and see its attached batch numbers. 

How Batch Number Enquiry page works

You can easily create a report, based on these available filters;

  • Warehouse: This is where your product and batch numbers are located.
  • Product Code: This is the code of the batch product.
  • Product Description: This is the description of the batch product.
  • Expiry Date From: This allows you to select the date that the batch expires from.
  • Expiry Date to: This allows you to select the end date that the batch expires.
  • Batch Number Status: This contains the following options:
    • Available: shows what is in stock and available. It also shows the location of the warehouse, etc.
    • Unavailable: It is not in the warehouse or in stock, parked or it is returned to the Supplier
    • Deleted: The stock is either adjusted, lost and/or do not know where it is.
    • Allocated: For any batch number that is assigned to a specified order. Batch numbers added to one sales order transaction, can still be added in another sales order transaction, regardless of quantity. Batch numbers and quantities are "Unavailable" if they are added onto a DISPATCHED shipment.

You can use these filters to search for products with batch numbers. 

On this page, you can also view;

  • Batch Numbers
  • Expiry Date
  • Product Codes/Descriptions, and
  • Stock information (original vs. remaining stock)
You can simply click on the Batch Number at line level to show a list of related transactions with information on that transaction. By default, batch numbers are sorted by expiry date.

You can press Run when you want to generate the report.

Batch Number Enquiry page

Column descriptions

Batch Number: This column displays a specified batch number at line level.
Expiry Date: Displays the date that the batch expires.
Product Code: Displays the unique product code for the product that is on the specified batch.
Product Description: Displays the unique name/description for the product that is on the specified batch.
Original Stock: Displays the total quantity that has ever been receipted.
Remain stock: Displays the Stock on hand that is remaining on the batch.
Status: Displays the relevant status of the batch number. Statuses can include: Available, Unavailable, Deleted and Assigned.
Date Added: This is the date that the batch number was created in Unleashed.

Filtering your Batch Number Enquiry

  1. Select a filter you want to use from the top of the Batch Number Enquiry page, this could be from filters options available. 
  2. Press Run
  3. Your results appear on the page.

Showing a list of related transactions

When you click on a batch number at line level on this page, you can instantly view a list of related transaction items. This is ideal for customers who want to see the total history of a product, using this option allows you to track the history of a batch product easily. For example, if a customer has a broken item that they want to return, you can use their batch number of the product to check when the sale was completed, and action accordingly. 

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