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Stock On Hand Enquiry


The Stock On Hand Enquiry report enables you to find the stock on hand at any date based on a number of filters. 

Go to Reports | Inventory | Stock On Hand Enquiry. The available filters and columns are outlined below:


Filters and Column Descriptions

  • Product Group: If you only want the Stock On Hand for a particular product group, then you can specify the product group.
  • Product Code and Product Description: If you only want the Stock On Hand for a particular product, then you can specify the product details.
  • Warehouse: The following options are available:
    • Global: Displays a total across all warehouses
    • All: Displays a breakdown for every warehouse
    • Specific warehouse you have created
  • Supplier Code and Supplier Name:  If you only want the Stock On Hand for products of a particular supplier, then you can specify the supplier details. The supplier must be set as the default supplier for products otherwise you will see no products in the report results.
  • Show Products:  Select "Stock on Hand", "Stock on Hand or Allocated" or "All" (includes products with no stock on hand)


Sale Days

The number of days it has been since the last completed sale of the specified product. 

Price Tiers

Default Sell Price and Price Tier prices (Sell Price Tier 1 to 10).

On Purchase

Total stock assigned to Placed and Costed purchase orders. Click on the link to open the Purchase Enquiry report. 

Qty On Hand

The stock on hand quantity for the product.

Allocated Qty

The total stock which has been allocated to a sales order, assembly or warehouse transfer. Click on the link to open the Product Allocations report.

Available Qty

Stock quantity available for sale (Available Qty = Qty on Hand - Allocated Qty).

Avg Cost

Average Landed Cost for the product (Average Landed Cost = Total Cost / Total Stock On Hand). Click on the link to open the Costing Analysis report.

Note:  Avg Cost is rounded to 2 decimal places when displayed in this report.

Total Cost

Total Landed Costs

Note:  Due to rounding the Avg Cost, you may see a difference in the total cost when multiplying quantity by average cost.


Note: The following Hidden columns can be added to the grid: Bin Location, Product Group, Supplier Code, Supplier Name, and Unit. For more information about adding hidden columns and customizing the grid, see How to Create Default Grid Layouts

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