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Suppliers Tutorial

The Add Suppliers page enables you to add a new supplier. You can also Import Suppliers into Unleashed.

Points to Note

  • Ensure that each Supplier Code is unique. Avoid using '0' or '00' at the beginning of your Supplier Codes.
  • The supplier currency will default to your base currency. The currency cannot be edited once the supplier has been used for a transaction.
  • If you have a supplier using multiple currencies, you must have a different supplier code and name for each supplier and each currency.

Adding a New Supplier

  1. Go to Suppliers | Add Supplier. Complete the required information for the following tabs.


  • The Supplier Code and Supplier Name are required. 
  • GST/VAT Number: The Supplier Tax Number.
  • Taxable: Select or clear this option based on whether the supplier is taxable or non-taxable.
  • Tax Rate: If you have selected the Taxable option, you can also choose the tax rate if required. The tax rates are retrieved from the values you have recorded in Settings | System | Taxes.
  • Currency: Currency used for supplier transactions.
  • Obsolete: A supplier can only be deleted if there are no transactions. If there are transactions, you can only obsolete them.
  • Bank Name, Bank Branch & Bank Account
  • Payment Term Description: Payment terms for the supplier. 
  • Purchase Order Print template and Supplier Return Print Template: Doc Designer template for printing the documents.
  • Lead Time: The number of days it takes for a supplier to deliver the goods.
  • Purchase Order Cost Distribution Method:  Select the default method to use for cost distribution for this Supplier (this will override your Company default method)
  • Reminder:  This reminder will appear each time a Supplier is added to a Purchase Order.  It won't display when Purchase Orders are created via bulk actions.


Address tab

  • Ensure that you specify an Address Name.
  • Postal Address:  The postal address is printed on the purchase order.
  • Physical Address: The physical address is for reference.
The Address Name must be unique for every address.

Contacts tab 

Notes:  A contact must have at least one of the following fields completed:  First Name or Last Name or Email.  Also, the combination of First Name, Last Name and Email must be unique.
  • First Name: The first name of your Supplier.
  • Last Name: The surname of your Supplier.
  • Email: The email address of your Supplier (must be in a valid format if supplied).
  • Website: Your Supplier's website address (must be a valid website URL).
  • Toll Free No: Your Supplier's toll free telephone number.
  • Phone: Your Supplier's main phone number.
  • Fax: Your Supplier's fax number.
  • Mobile Phone: Your Supplier's mobile phone number. 
  • Office Phone: Your Supplier's office phone number.
  • DDI: Your Supplier's Direct Dial In number.
  • Comments: A text field for comments relating to your Supplier.
  • Purchasing: Tick this box if you want this Supplier's email address to be added as a recipient of Purchase Order emails.
  • Primary: Your first contact added will be marked as your Primary contact.  To identify a different contact as your Primary contact, add their contact details and then choose "Set as primary" from the action cog on the right.
For integration with Xero, your primary contact MUST have an email address.  Xero will accept another 5 contacts as contact persons in Xero.
For integration with QBO, your primary contact is your Vendor in QBO.  Only the primary contact will sync with QBO.

Purchases tab

The Purchases tab displays all the transactions for the current supplier and enables you to Edit, Print, Receipt, Email, Clone or Delete them from the action cog on the right.

The bulk action cog on the left allows you to select multiple purchase orders to approve, unapprove, add shared costs, update the status or complete the orders.

Returns tab

The Returns tab shows you all the supplier returns for the current supplier and enables you to View, Print or Email, using the Action cog.

Costings Tab

The Costings tab displays all costs related to the specified supplier. 


Suppliers Tutorial

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