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Sell in a Foreign Currency


A customer can only have one currency in Unleashed and all prices on sales orders for that customer will be in the customer currency. Unleashed does not do the currency conversion.

If you sell in different currencies, you can create different sell price tiers and assign the price tier to the customer in that currency. For more information about creating sell price tiers, see Sell Price Tiers.

Selling to a Customer in Foreign Currency Using Sell Price Tiers

  1. Select a Sell Price Tier for the product:

    1. Go to Inventory | Products | View Products.
    2. Open the required product record and click Sale.
    3. Enter the price in the required Sell Price Tier field.
    4. Click Save.
  2. Assign the Sell Price Tier to the Customer:

    1. Go to Customer | View Customers.
    2. Open the required customer record.
    3. On the Details tab, select the Sell Price Tier you have assigned to the product from the Sell Price Tier drop-down list.
    4. Click Save.
  3. Create the Sales Order:

    1. Go to Sales | Orders | Add Sales Order.
    2. Select the customer.
    3. Select the product. The price defined in the Sell Price Tier will now be used by default.
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