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How to sell in a foreign currency


You can setup multiple currencies to use in Unleashed, but each customer record can only have one currency set. All prices that populate in a Sales Order for that customer will be allocated as the customer's currency but Unleashed does not do the currency conversion at the point of generating the Sales Order and adding the order lines. The currency conversion to your account's base currency will apply after the Sales Order is completed, using the Exchange rate provided per transaction.

For more details on using foreign currencies and sell price tiers, please see the below helpfile links:

Currency Rates

Sell Price Tiers

Selling to a Customer in foreign currency using Sell Price Tiers

To help manage your product's prices when they're sold in different currencies you can use the Sell Price Tiers function, allocating a tier per currency and allocating the appropriate tier to a customer with the matching currency. 

Setup alternative currencies in Unleashed

Currency Rates in Unleashed are static and are not designed to live update as exchange rates fluctuate. Once a Currency Rate has been created in Unleashed, Customers with the allocated rate will populate with the Buy (Default) rate that is currently set, but you will also have the opportunity to amend the rate per transaction. Similarly, you can edit the default rate in your Settings, as and when appropriate. 

  1. From the main menu, head to Settings, System and click on Currency Rates

  2. Use the Currency Selection drop down field to select the foreign currency that will be used.

  3. Use the Buy and Sell rate fields to advise a current default rate to be used to convert the new currency to your account's base currency. 

  4. Click Save to add the new currency to your account. 

Setup currency based Sell Price Tiers

  1. From the main menu, head to Settings, System and click on Sell Price Tiers.

  2. Update the Tier names, allocating a currency per tier.

  3. Click Save

Setup currency based prices per product

Allocating currency specific prices per product using the sell price tiers can be done in Unleashed directly, on a per product basis. Or you can use the Product Import template to update your product's sell price tiers in bulk. The following steps will detail updating a product's sell price tiers in Unleashed, but you can follow How to bulk add or update product Sell Price Tiers to update in bulk. 

  1. Go to your product in Unleashed and click on the Sale tab. 

  2. In the Sell Price Tier tab, update the Current Price field per Tier to allocate the product's price in that currency.
    For example, if a product is to be sold in AUD, USD and EUR and you have each currency as a Tier, the product's Current Price per Tier will show as AUD = 7.68, USD = 8.99 and EUR = 6.99.

  3. Click Save.

Setup a Customer with a Sell Price Tier

When a customer is first created in Unleashed, their currency will be allocated from the currency options that have been setup in the Currency Rates page. A customer's currency cannot be amended once a transaction's been completed. You must therefore make sure your customer has their currency correctly allocated before creating any transactions for them. 

  1. Go to the customer in Unleashed and open the Details tab.

  2. In the Sell Price Tier dropdown menu, select the tier matching the customer's currency.
    For example, select the EUR tier for a customer with EUR as their default currency.

  3. Click Save

Create a Sales Order with the currency based sell price tier

  1. Create a new Sales Order, allocating a customer with a currency based sell price tier applied. 

  2. The Exchange Rate field will populate using the default rate advised in the Currency Rates page. Edit the rate as appropriate, prior to completing the order or its invoices. 
    Note: The Exchange Rate fields title will show as your base currency to the customer's currency, e.g. "GBP to EUR Rate".

  3. Add a product in the Order Lines tab. The Unit Price will populate the allocated Sell Price Tier's value, as the customer's currency.

  4. At the bottom of the Sales Order, you will be given two sets of totals; the customer's currency total and the account's base currency after the exchange rate has applied.


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