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Manage and View Sales Orders


After you import or create sales orders in Unleashed, you can use the View Orders page to view and manage your orders.

Viewing Sales Orders

  • Go to Sales | Orders | View Orders.
  • The list of orders is displayed. You can filter by fields.
  • To import multiple orders, click Import. For more information, see Import Sales Orders.
  • To export the existing order details, click Export. You can choose to export as PDF, CSV, XLSX, or XLS.
  • To add a new quote, click Add Quote. For more information, see Add new quote.

Currency Columns

The following currency columns are available on the grid (Click to expand/collapse screenshot). For more information about customizing the grid columns, see Customizing Grid Columns.

  • Total: Total value of the Sales Order Total in Customer Currency. This is a hidden column. 
  • Total (base currency): Total value of the Sales Order in the base currency including costs. This is a hidden column
  • Tax Total (base currency): Total tax value of the Sales Order in the base currency.
  • Sub Total (base currency): Total value of the Sales Order in the base currency excluding tax.
  • Cost (base currency): Total cost value in the base currency including tax.

Using the Action / Bulk Actions cog

Some of these functions are only available if Order Management is enabled.
  • Edit: Edit quote details.
  • Ship: Add/Update shipment details and dispatch.
  • Purchase: Create a purchase order. For more information, see Create Purchase Orders.
  • Invoice
  • Complete
  • Print:  sales order,  labels, commercial invoice (if enabled), packing slip
  • Email 
  • Clone: For more information, see Clone Sales Order.
  • Delete

Bulk Actions Cog

The following options are available from the bulk actions cog:



  • Select All: Will select all Sales Orders on the current page
  • Select None: Will de-select any selected Sales Orders
  • Assign Oldest: Will automatically assign the oldest batch and serial numbers to the applicable products in those orders
  • Print Documents: The following document are available for printing:Screen Shot 2023-08-29 at 2.56.05 PM.pngThe option to Print Commercial Invoices will only be included in the bulk action list above if International Commerce Codes have been enabled.
  • Complete Orders: All selected Sales Orders will be Completed. No Documents will be printed.
  • Complete orders and Print Invoices: All selected orders will be completed and have their sales invoices printed (if applicable and if possible)
  • Create Shipments: A new Parked Shipment will be created for all selected Sales Orders. This Shipment will contain all Products & Quantities within the Sales Order that are not currently on a Shipment 
  • Change Status: This action will allow you to update the Status of all selected Sales Orders
  • Email Orders and Invoices:  Bulk emailing of orders or invoices to your contacts
  • Export to 3PL: This will allow you to use a previously created Data Exporter template to export a 3PL document to assist you in the order fulfilling process



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