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Sub-Assembly FAQs


Please find frequently asked questions for Sub-Assembly as follows: 

1. Can we import sub-assemblies?
Unfortunately, single and multiple assemblies cannot be imported.  


2. Why can’t I complete the parent assembly?
If you’re unable to complete this transaction, this could be due to sub-assemblies within the assembly. An error message will identify the sub-assemblies that need to be completed in order to complete the parent assembly. Sub-assemblies will not be completed automatically when completing the parent assembly. You will need to manually complete the sub-assemblies as well. 


3. Why does the screen pop up for sub-assembly quantity only appear once? How can I change my assembled quantity for sub-assemblies?
The screen pop-up for sub-assembly quantities only appears when you click theScreen_Shot_2021-09-16_at_11.11.39_am.pngicon. Once you have entered the quantity inside the pop-up, it will not be shown again. To change the assembled quantity, go into the detail page of the sub-assembly and amend the “Assembled Quantity” field.


4. What would happen to my sub-assemblies (components of the parent assembly) if I've deleted the parent assembly?
Deleting a parent assembly that’s in the “Parked” status will not delete any sub-assemblies. 


5. What would happen to my sub-assemblies (components of the parent assembly) if I deleted it from the parent assembly?
If you complete a sub-assembly and delete the parent assembly, the sub-assemblies will not be affected in any way - they will remain in the Completed status. You cannot complete a parent assembly if you have an incomplete sub-assembly in the component list/tree. 


6. If I want to change my “Assembled Quantity” in the parent assembly, will my sub-assemblies quantity change automatically?
No, the other transactions will not be impacted. Only the parent assembly “Assembled Quantity” will change.


7. How would I know if the assembly transaction is linked to another assembly by looking at the View Assemblies screen?
When a specific assembly has a sub-assembly, an orange exclamation markScreen_Shot_2021-09-16_at_11.11.39_am.png(representing a Parked transaction) or a green tick Screen_Shot_2021-09-16_at_12.49.09_pm.png(representing a Completed transaction) will be displayed on the product line(s) of the product being assembled. You can click on this button to be taken to the sub-assembly, where the parent assembly is displayed. The parent assembly will be displayed in the sub-assemblies detail page. If this assembly is from a Sales Order, you can see an extra field showing the SO number in the same section.


8. Can the source warehouse and destination warehouse for sub-assemblies be edited for parked assemblies?

Yes, you can now edit the source and destination warehouse of sub-assembly for parked assemblies. This would be beneficial for industries that have different stages to production and all the stages are done across different locations.  

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