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Tips on editing assemblies



The following page provides some tips and tricks that you need to be aware of whenever you are editing Assemblies in Unleashed.


You cannot add to an existing BoM

If you edit an Assembly you cannot add it to an existing Bill of Materials; the existing BOM stays the same. You cannot create a new BOM from an edited Assembly, for example if you have a bill of materials for making coffee, and you have white sugar, and you want to change it to brown sugar, then you will have to create a new bill of materials for it.

Adding Supplier Costs

If you have added supplier costs prior to adding additional products to the Assembly or adjusting products to the Assembly, then the costs are adjusted accordingly.


Adjusting Assemblies does affect the Average Landed Cost

Any adjustment to the Assembly does affect the average landed cost of the products. For example, if you have an assembled product that has an average landed cost of $5 and you adjust the assembly by adding a new component product which has a unit cost of another $5.

Then the next cost of the auto-assembled product will be adjusted to the new component price, in this instance, it is $10.

The Average Landed Cost is $10.


Your Average Landed Cost will adjust each and every time you add a component product.


Viewing Assembly details

To view Assembly details, you need to go into the actual Assembly itself. Currently, there is no report in Unleashed that provides this information.

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