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Auto Assembly


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Auto Assembly

Points to Note

Enable Can Auto Assemble

Using Auto Assembly

Auto Assembly with Batch and Serial tracking Tutorial Video

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Auto Assembly

To save you some time when selling your assembled products, you can have these assembled automatically via an Auto-Assembly. This is useful for users who have assembled products with a set range of components, i.e. a gift basket that always has wine, chocolates and candles. 

Points to Note

  • The Auto Assembly functions can be disabled or turned off at any time.
  • Auto Assembly only applies to Sales Orders, at the time the product is Allocated. 
  • Auto Assembly will only apply to the parent product that is added to a Sales Order. Any components on the assembly that are also assembled products will need to be manually triggered for assembly, when required.
  • Auto Assemblies cannot be deleted in the Assembly page, they must be removed by deleted the Sales Order or removing the assembled product from the Sales Order.
  • Products with an Auto-Assembly generated for an open Sales Order will not be included in the product's allocated quantity. The component quantities allocated in the Auto-Assembly will be allocated instead.

Enable Can Auto Assemble

To enable Can Auto Assemble and/or Can Auto Disassemble for a product, navigate to the assembled product's Bill of Materials (BOM). Once the BOM's opened, use the Can Auto Assemble toggle functions in the header of the BOM to toggle on:

Once the BOM is saved, any Sales Order for the assembled product that is freshly allocated will be reviewed and have a Parked Assembly generated if there is not enough stock available to fulfil the order quantity. 

Using Auto Assembly

When an assembled product is enabled with Can Auto Assemble in it's BOM, any time it is allocated to a Sales Order and there is not enough stock available to fulfil the order quantity, Unleashed will create a Parked Assembly for the outstanding ordered quantity. An example of this behaviour has been outlined below:

  1. Product RETJAM is enabled for Can Auto Assemble in it's BOM.

  2. A new Sales Order has been created for RETJAM, where the order quantity is greater than the current stock availability. A Parked Assembly is created for RETJAM, which can be opened from the Sales Order by clicking on the orange exclamation point icon, next to the order's Quantity field. 

  3. The Assembly will be created with an Assembled Quantity calculated as the Order Quantity minus the product's warehouse's Availability. The Assembled Quantity is only going to fulfil any outstanding quantity for the order that's not currently available in stock. 

    The Assembly will include a quick link to the Sales Order it has been generated from and a field with the Sales Order's number.

  4. Whilst the Assembly is Parked, you can increase or decrease the Sales Order's order quantity and this will automatically update the Assembly's Assembled Quantity to match the remaining quantity required. 

  5. Whilst the Assembly is Parked, you can increase the Assembled Quantity that is initially calculated, directly in the Assembly. But you cannot decrease the Assembled Quantity to less than the required quantity.
  6. Make any required changes to the components included on the Assembly, whilst it's in Parked status, prior to completing. 

Batch and Serial tracking with Auto Assembly

If your Assembled product is batch or serial tracked, the Assembled Quantity's new batch or serial numbers will need to be manually provided in the Parked Assembly. Once the Assembly is Completed, the batch or serial numbers entered in the Assembly will be automatically allocated to the Sales Order's Order Line.
If you have Component products in the Auto Assembly and the BOM is setup to Auto Assign Oldest Batch/Serial, Unleashed will automatically allocate the oldest available batch or serial numbers to the component quantities. If this function is not selected in the BOM, the component quantities will require a manual assignment for the available batch and serial numbers. 

Complete Auto Assembly

Provided there is enough component stock available to fulfil the Assembly and depending upon your fulfillment process, there are two ways in which an Auto Assembly can be completed:

  1. Automatically by completing the Sales Order.
  2. Manually, per Assembly.

Automatically by completing the Sales Order

If the Assembly is due to be completed at the same time the Sales Order is due to be invoiced and shipped in Unleashed, you can simply select Complete in the Sales Order and this will also update the Parked Assembly to Complete status too. 

Manually, per Assembly

If you want to assemble the product first, then manage the Sales Order's shipment some time after, or you are part shipping the Sales Order, you can complete the Assembly manually. To do this, you can either:

  • Select Complete in the Assembly.

  • From the Sales Order, tick the assembling Order Line and in the Action Cog select Complete Assembly.

  • From the View Assemblies page, use the Action Cog options to select Complete per Assembly or in bulk.

Auto Assembly with Batch and Serial tracking Tutorial Video

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