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Auto Assembly


Activating Auto Assembly and Auto-Disassembly

To save you some time when selling your assembled products, you can have these assembled automatically via an Auto-Assembly. This is useful for users who have assembled products with a set range of components, i.e. a gift basket that always has wine, chocolates and candles. 

  1. To enable this feature, you need to have the Production module activated, you can do this by going to Settings | Company
  2. Select the tick box for Enable Auto Assembly as illustrated.

Save time 'breaking down' stock received from your supplier via the Auto-Disassembly feature. When you have 'receipt' an Auto-Disassembled product on your Purchase Order, then an Auto-Disassembly will be automatically created & completed for this product. This will quickly 'breakdown' this product to its component products.

  1. To enable this feature, you need to have the Production module activated, you can do this by going to Settings | Company
  2. Select the tick box for Enable Auto Disassembly as illustrated.

Please Note:

  • You cannot disable this feature, once it is has been enabled.
  • You can use Auto Assembly with Batch or Serial numbered items. However, keep in mind that any Batch or Serial number on an Auto Assembly will need to be manually selected from within the Assembly before you can complete it or it's associated SO
  • You cannot use Auto Disassembly with Batch or Serial numbered items.


Using Auto Assembly

The following is an example of how you can use Auto Assembly.

  1. Once you have enabled Auto Assembly, then whenever you sell an Assembled product it automatically assembles it for you—if there is not enough in stock (presuming you have the relevant components in stock).  As a result, this removes all the hassle of having to assemble products manually, which provides more accuracy.
  2. This feature also calculates automatically —how much of the Assembled product you could potentially assemble and shows this as "Available Qty." on the Sales Order entry page.  
    For example, even though we have 0 qty on hand it will show as 20 available when entering the order because we have enough components in stock to assemble 20.
    The assembled product "ANIMAL" has 0 stock available.


Unleashed calculates how much of the Assembled product "ANIMAL" you can make based on the components you have in stock.
  1. Once you have successfully entered all your lines on an order (including your yet to be assembled products) you can go ahead and click Complete.

    Note: If your Auto-Assembled product is Batch or Serial tracked, or consists of Component products that are Batch or Serial tracked, you will need to open the Assembly to select the batch & serial numbers that are consumed & yielded from the assembly.

    You can quickly open & adjust the Auto-Assembly by selecting the symbol from within the SO lines.

    The Auto Assign Oldest Batch/Serial configuration within the BOM will speed this process up by automatically assigning the Oldest Batch or Serial number to the Auto Assemblies Component Products.

    If your Assembled Product is also Batch/Serial tracked, then completing the Assembly will Automatically Assign the new Batch/Serial Numbers to the Sales Order Line.

    You have the option to complete the assembly independently from within the Sales Order by using the Order menu or using the (action cog) for the line.

This is where Unleashed does all the work for you assembling the products behind the scenes. An assembly is created and completed for the relevant quantities and all your stock levels are updated accordingly.

  1. A full audit trail of all assemblies and sales is made so when you are enquiring, you can see exactly what has happened.
When an assembly is linked to a Sales Quantity, an icon displays representing the status of the assembly. When you click on the icon it opens up the assembly.

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