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Disassemble a product


About Add Disassembly

The Disassembly page (Disassemble a product) is about reversing your assembled product. It works by allowing you to reverse an assembly or disassemble kitted products in Unleashed. It breaks down your assembled products back into component products.

Having this ability provides more flexibility around your manufacturing and assembling kit requirements. 

About Disassembly costs

The cost of the product you are disassembling is distributed to the products so the value of your stock remains equal. For example, if you are disassembling a gift basket, the value of the components should add up to the value of the basket.

Create a Disassembly

You can create disassembly for a product based on its Bill of Materials. 

The finished goods being produced must  have a existing product in the product list.

How to disassemble a product manually

  1. Make sure you have a Bill of Materials (BOM) already created for the specified Disassembly that links them together.
Batch and Serial Tracked Products cannot be auto-disassembled.
  1.  From the View Assemblies page or the Assemblies menu click Add Disassembly. 

  2. Select the Assembled product that you want to disassemble. Ensure you have enough stock on hand so you can perform the disassembly.

If you add a Never Diminishing product, note the following points:
  • If you have an accounting provider integration with Unleashed, the Expense Account drop-down list will be available ONLY for Never Diminishing products.
  • The Expense Account field values are retrieved from the linked accounts in the Accounting provider. Ensure that you select the correct account.
  • When you complete an assembly or disassembly, a journal will be passed to the integrated accounting provider.
  • The Unit Cost is displayed and you can edit the cost if required.

4. Source Warehouse: The warehouse from which the product to be disassembled is retrieved from and stock on hand will be reduced.

5. Destination Warehouse: The warehouse where the disassembled component products will be added and stock on hand will increase.

6. Select the amount in the Disassembly Quantity field you want to disassemble. And adjust your costs accordingly. 

7. Click the Disassemble button when ready to complete.

If you are using Batch or Serial Tracking then you can use the specified fields available to set serial and batch numbers.
When you adjust the quantity during the disassembly, it then recalculates the disassembled cost and automatically redistributes it.


What's on this page

Key items on the page

1. Warehouse: This is the warehouse that you will be disassembling the product in.
2. Product Code & Product Description: This is the product that you will be disassembling. It must have a Bill of Material set up before you can disassemble it. These are mandatory fields.

3. Disassemble Quantity: This is where you enter the quantity you want to disassemble; take note of the Can Disassemble Quantity. Once you have entered your Disassembled Quantity in you can adjust the quantities coming into stock and remove lines where necessary to better reflect what will be created in the disassembly. 

4. Comments: If you would like to record any comments in regard to this disassembly you can enter it here.

5. Can Disassemble Quantity: The quantity here is how much you can disassemble based as set in the Bill of Material for the product.

6. Disassemble Cost: This column splits the landed cost of the product it is disassembling. It is based on the value of the component used in the Bill of Materials. For example, if you have a gift basket, and that gift basket is disassembled, then the value of the components that make up that gift basket should add up to the value of what was in the gift basket.


Viewing your Disassembly

You can view your Disassembly by going to the View Assemblies page. From this page, you can view a list of Assemblies (ASM) and Disassembly (DSM) transaction types. As the screenshot illustrates, you can decipher the difference between an Assembled product and a Disassembled Product by prefix, and also from the Assembly Type column.


Adding another Disassembly

You can add another assembly quickly and easily by going to the View Assemblies page and clicking the Add Disassembly button or via the Assemblies menu.


Completing a disassembly

At any time, you can complete the Disassembly by clicking Disassemble in the top banner. 

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