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Using the Production Module


Using the Production module enables you to create, view, and manage the production (manufacture) of goods in your inventory management process. 

Unleashed is setup like a production line, it flows from left to right through the business process, covering all the steps along the way. The following content highlights what functions are available to you within the Production module menu. For more information, see Production FAQs.

How to Enable the Production Feature

  1. Go to Settings | Company | Configuration.

  2. Select the Production toggle.

Using the Production Module

The following menu options are available from the Production module.

  • Add Assembly
  • Add Disassembly
  • Manage and View Assemblies
  • Add Bill of Materials
  • Manage and View Bill of Materials
  • Import/Export Bill of Materials

Production Enquiry Report

The Production Enquiry report enables you to search and filter specified production data. 

Unleashed Products and Bill of Materials Tutorial

(Correction: At 1:126 the above video states that Auto-Assemblies are not available for Batch & Serial tracked products. This is incorrect as of 14/11/22. The Auto-Assembly function is now available for Batch & Serial tracked products)
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