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The Production Module Overview



Production simply involves product(s) being converted into another product. It is an internal movement of stock and shifting of value from a set of individual components to an assembled product. The Production module enables you to view and manage any goods that you may want to produce in your inventory management process. You can record the processes involved in producing finished goods from component stock. This is ideal for users who can create their own products from raw materials or kit-sets. 

About the Production process



1. Create Products 

These products are your Component products, used in your Bill of Materials (BOM) to assemble other products.

See Create Products for more information.


2. Create Bill of Materials

This is your "recipe" for creating the assembled product.

See Add Bill of Materials for more information.

Note: This step is optional. For more information on BOM Free Assemblies please visit How to build assemblies on the fly


3. Build the product 

Assemble a product based on your Bill of Materials.

See Add Assemblies & Sub-Assemblies for more information.


Workflow examples

In this section, we provide use case scenarios to demonstrate how you can use the Production module, with several different work-flow scenarios. The following examples aim to demonstrate how you can use the Production module in Unleashed.


Assembling a kit-set product

John has a furniture retail store and he wants to assemble a lounge suite to sell in his show-room. His lounge suite consists of a two seat and three seat couches and also a single seat chair. Therefore, it makes sense for John to use Unleashed's Auto-Assembly function to assemble his kit-set.



See Auto Assembly for more information.


Manufacturing a production run for your product

Lisa owns a vineyard and wishes to use Unleashed to create and run a production run for her wine making. She needs to bulk manufacture her product. The production run would include important factors such as bottling, corking, and labelling a pallet of her wine. See the infographic below for steps on how she would achieve this.


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