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Create Stock Count page

Creating a Stock Count

Empty Stock Counts

Stock Count Tutorial Videos

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Add a Stock Count

The Create Stock Count page provides you with the ability to select what products you want to include in your stock count (or stock take) before freezing them to do the actual count.

Create Stock Count page

From the Stock Count page, once you've selected Add Count from the top right corner you'll be taken to the Create Stock Count page. From here, you can determine the Warehouse, Product Groups and locations you are completing a count for.

Screen Shot 2023-08-31 at 12.38.30 PM.png

Header button descriptions

  • Include products with no stock: Tick for the Stock Count to populate all products from your inventory, regardless of their current stock on hand quantities. 
  • Create empty stock count: Tick for no products to be populated in the Stock Count.
  • Create Count: Creates the new Stock Count (based on the checkboxes, fields and filters selected)

NOTE: Only one of the checkbox options can be ticked at a time.

Field and Filter descriptions

Prior to creating the Stock Count, use the filters and fields available to determine which group or products and stock on hand your Stock Count will be created for. 

  • Stock Count Name: Enter a custom Stock Count Name that will help you to identify this Stock Count in the future. This is an optional field and can be left blank. 
  • *Warehouse: Select which Warehouse the Stock Count is being completed for from the drop-down menu. * Required field
  • Supplier: Filter the products to be counted by their default Supplier. For more details, see Create Products: Suppliers
  • Bin Location: Filter the products by Bin Location, if only counting a specific location within a Warehouse. 
  • Product Group: Filter the count by Product Group, selected from the drop-down menu.
  • Accounting Code: If integrated with an accounting provider, select the COGS or Stock On Hand account the Stock Count will export to upon completion.

Header descriptions

The grid below the Stock Count's filter fields will populate the products that apply, to demonstrate which products will be included in the Stock Count you create. 

  • Product Code: This column displays the product code for the specified product line.
  • Product Description: This column is used to display the product description for the specified line.
  • Product Group: This column is used to display the product group for the specified line.
  • Bin Location: This column is used to display the Bin Location for the specified line.
  • Unit of Measure: This column is used to display the base unit of measure for the specified line.
  • Pack Size: This column is used to display the pack size for the specified line.
  • Count Quantity: This column is used to display the count quantity for the specified line.

Creating a Stock Count

When you want to create a stock count on this page, you can apply specified filters and products to your count and then save accordingly. As a result, all of your stock levels will freeze for all of your products allocated in that specified count. 

This is the first part of creating a stock count, once it is created you need to enter the counts!
  1. From the Create Stock Count page, use the fields and filters available to you to refine your stock count search. 

    • Optionally enter in a unique Stock Count Name for the new count
    • Select a Warehouse 
    • Optionally enter a bin location (if applicable)
    • Optionally enter a supplier (if applicable)
    • Optionally select a Product Group from the drop-down (if applicable)
    • Tick the Include products with no stock if you want those products to be on the stock count

  2. Once you are happy with the products to be counted, click Create Count.
  3. A pop-up window will appear, to advise that any open transactions relating to the new stock count are either closed or accounted for prior to confirming Yes or No on creating the new stock count.

  4. You will then be taken to the new count, in which you will update each product's count quantity and complete. For more details, see Add a Stock Count.

Empty Stock Counts

If you want to conduct a blind Stock Count or only want to include a specific range of products (that aren't defined by a single Product Group or Bin Location) you can use the Create empty stock count checkbox. No products will be populated in the new Stock Count and so only those that are manually added will be counted and adjusted when the Stock Count's completed. 

To facilitate importing a CSV stock count, you can now create an empty stock count with no product detail:

Screen Shot 2023-08-31 at 12.36.24 PM.png

Stock Count Tutorial Videos



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