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Create Stock Count/ Stocktake


The Create Stock Count page provides you with the ability to select what products you want to include in your stock count (or stocktake) before freezing them to do the actual count.

Stock Count Page

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Functional Descriptions:

Field and Filter descriptions


Stock Count Name: This field is used to display the name of the specified stock count. Sometimes stock counts are not named, as it is an optional field.

Accounting Code: This field only appears if you are connected to an accounting provider. This field lets you specify the cost of goods account that the stock journal will be posted against in your accounting provider.


Warehouse: This filter is used to select the specified Warehouse that the stock count is for. This is a required filter to be used during your search.
Bin Location: This filter helps if you know the bin location of a specified product, simply enter in the Bin Location number, i.e. '123' and it searches based that term (a wild-card search). This is designed to optimize search for bin locations.
Supplier: This filter allows to select products that have the specified supplier as their default supplier in Unleashed.
Product Group: This filter allows you to select products that belong to the specified product group.

Grid Columns

Product Code: This column displays the product code for the specified product line.
Product Description: This column is used to display the product description for the specified line.
Product Group: This column is used to display the product group for the specified line.
Bin Location: This column is used to display the Bin Location for the specified line.
Unit of Measure: This column is used to display the unit of measure for the specified line.
Pack Size: This column is used to display the pack size for the specified line.
Count Quantity: This column is used to display the count quantity for the specified line.
Serial: This column displays any assigned Serial Numbers if Serial Tracking is enabled on the product line level.

Batch: This column displays any assigned Batch Numbers if Batch Tracking is enabled on the product line level.

Creating a Stock Count

When you want to create a stock count on this page, you can apply specified filters and products to your count and then save accordingly. As a result, all of your stock levels will freeze for all of your products allocated in that specified count. 

This is the first part of creating a stock count, once it is created you need to enter the counts in it!

How to create a stock count

  1. From the Create Stock Count page, use the fields and filters available to you to refine your stock count search. 
    • Enter in a new Stock Count Name for the new count
    • Select a warehouse 
    • Optionally enter a bin location (if applicable)
    • Optionally enter a supplier (if applicable)
    • Optionally select a Product Group from the drop-down (if applicable)
    • Check the "Include products with no stock" if you want those products to be on the stock count
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  2. Once you are happy with the products to be counted, click Create Count.
  3. If you want to use barcode scanning to scan products, see Barcoding.

Creating an Empty Stock Count

To facilitate importing a CSV stock count, you can now create an empty stock count with no product detail:

Screen Shot 2023-08-31 at 12.36.24 PM.png

  • Check the Create Empty Stock Count checkbox in the top right corner
  • Select Create Count

Stock Count Tutorials



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