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Change codes


Single Product Code change page


How to change the code for a product

  1. Navigate to Inventory>Product>Change Codes
  2. Choose the product to be changed in the first field marked product
  3. You can then enter the new Product code in the *New Product Code field and click "Save" for this to be changed
  4. All transactions with this Product on, including historic transactions, will now show the new Product Code.


Batch Product Code change page


How to change multiple product codes at once

To change multiple product codes at a time you can use the process detailed in the screenshot below:


  1. Download the template file and fill it out with all the Product Codes you need to change in the first column.
  2. In the second column, list the new product codes.
  3. Upon importing this file, it will make the relevant changes and store it in the log mentioned previously.
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