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Never Diminishing Products


About Never Diminishing Products

Never Diminishing Products are product codes in Unleashed that do not require physical inventory to be stocked. These are used for commonly incurred charges such as freight, taxes, or shipping fees.

  • You can mark existing products as 'never diminishing.' This can be done if the product has no stock on hand (e.g. after you have sold all on-hand quantity, or completed a stock adjustment to remove all quantity and value for that product code).
  • You can add never diminishing products to your sales orders and purchase orders, just like any other product. 
  • You can assign a separate sales or purchase account code for the never diminishing products, as the revenue/expenditure is not counted as stock sales or purchases. By doing this your Accounting Provider Profit and Loss Statement will be accurate.

Creating a Never Diminishing Product

  1. Go to Inventory | Products | Add Product. For more information, see Create New Products.

  2. Click Details and under 'Type' toggle on Never Diminishing 

  3. The Purchase Account field will be displayed. If you want to purchase a Never Diminishing Product, you can select a value from the Purchase Account drop-down list.  

  4. If you have integrated with an accounting provider, the Sales Account and Expense Account fields will be displayed. If you add Never Diminishing products on a Bill of Materials, Assembly, or Disassembly, you must select a value from the Expense Account drop-down list.



Sales Margins on Never Diminishing Products

If there is a cost involved in providing a Never Diminishing product (e.g. labor costs), but you do not not want a 100% margin displayed on your sales orders, you can edit the Cost of the product which is what the margin will be based on.  

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