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Warehouse Transfers


The Warehouse Transfers page within the Inventory module enables you to view and manage all Warehouse Transfers that have been created for your account. By default, this page filters the Warehouse Transfers with Open status.

Warehouse Transfer page

View all your Warehouse Transfers by navigating to Inventory in your main men, the select Transactions and Warehouse Transfer. The page can be filtered by:

  • Status
  • Transfer Number (uses partial match)
  • Source Warehouse
  • Destination Warehouse
  • Transfer Date (select date range)


Header button descriptions

In the top right corner of the Warehouse Transfers page, there are three buttons available:

  • Export: Use the drop-down menu to export the Warehouse Transfers page into either a PDF, CSV or XLSX document
  • Import: Select this button to head to the Import Warehouse Transfer page, to upload new Warehouse Transfers in bulk.
  • Add: This button directs you to the Add Warehouse Transfer page, to create a new transfer.

Header descriptions

By default, the Warehouse Transfers shown are sorted in descending order by Transfer Date, but you can click the available headers to re-sort them, as preferred. The available headers are described in the table below.

Header Description
Transfer Number The reference number that's been generated for the Warehouse Transfer.
Transfer Date The date the Warehouse Transfer was initially created.
Source Warehouse Defines which Warehouse the stock is being transferred from. Select the destination's hyperlink to be directed to the Warehouse's settings. 
Destination Warehouse Defines which Warehouse the stock is being transferred to. Select the destination's hyperlink to be directed to the Warehouse's settings.
Comments Populates any Comments added to the Warehouse Transfers.
Transfer Status Defines the current status of the transfer.

Hover over the Action Cog to select one of the following actions:

  • Email Source
  • Email Destination
  • Print

Manage Warehouse Transfers

If a Warehouse Transfer is in Parked status, the quantity allocated on the transfer will show as allocated from the Source warehouse but will not show as available in the Destination warehouse. Only once the Warehouse Transfer is completed will the Destination's stock on hand and availability be updated to reflect the transfer. 

The Import Warehouse Transfer function is only designed to create new Warehouse Transfers and cannot be used to update existing Warehouse Transfers that have already been created in Unleashed. Any further edits or changes required will need to be completed in the Warehouse Transfer, in Unleashed directly. 

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