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Manage Warehouse Transfers


The View Warehouse Transfer page enables you to view all Warehouse Transfers. By default, this page displays Warehouse Transfers with "Open" status.

Viewing Warehouse Transfers

  1. Go to Inventory | Transactions | Warehouse Transfers.
  2. From the Status drop-down list, select Open, Parked, Completed, or All. The corresponding details will be displayed.
  • Action Cog: Email Source, Email Destination, or Print the warehouse transfer details.
  • Open or Parked: you can open the warehouse transfer and click Park or Complete
For Parked warehouse transfers: The stock will be allocated in the Source warehouse but will not be available in the Destination warehouse. The stock will be "in transit". You can view the details on the following reports:
  • Reports | Purchase | Reorder Report : On Transfer column 
  • Reports | Inventory | Product Allocations: Allocated To and Allocated Quantity columns
  • Click Export to export to PDF, CSV, XLSX, or XLS format. 
  • Click Add to add a new Warehouse Transfer. For more information, see Add Warehouse Transfer.

Warehouse Transfer tutorial

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