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Manage and View Products


About View Products

The View Products page enables you to view a list of all your existing products and several details about those listed products. You also have the ability to sort the products by name, or by using one of the columns available to you.

You can access the View Products page from Inventory | Products | View Products.

You can get to this screen from within an individual product page by clicking the View Products hyperlink button at the top of the screen.

A quick way to get to an individual product record is to use the global search function by clicking onto the magnifying glass icon at the top right hand side of your screen.


View Products page

Header button descriptions

Across the top of the screen, you will see the following buttons on the right hand side.

Import: If you want to be taken to the Product Import screen you can click this button.

Export: If you wish to export the current view you can click "Export" to download a PDF file. Alternatively, if you click the drop-down menu on this button you also have the option of exporting into .csv, .xlsx and .xls files.

Add Product: Takes you to the Product page where you can add new product details.

Header field descriptions

  • Product: Field used to filter products by product code or product description
  • Product Group: Field used to filter product group
  • Supplier: Field used to search for products via a specified supplier name
  • Supplier Product: Field used to search for products via a specified supplier product code
  • Bin Location: If you are subscribed to the Medium, Large, or Large Plus versions you have access to the Bin Location field which will print on packing slips, stock-takes etc
  • Barcode: Field used to filter barcodes
  • Obsolete: Select the required option to display/hide any obsolete products
  • Sellable: Select the required option to select Sellable, Non-Sellable or All products

Grid column descriptions

Bulk Action: Select lines to perform the available bulk actions to
Image: Displays the product image. You can upload one image against one product.  Click on the camera icon to view a thumbnail of the image, or click on the image itself to view the entire image. If no camera icon appears, then no image is available for the product.
Product Code: This is the product code of the product and has to be unique per product
Product Description: Displays the product description of the product
Product Group: Displays the unique product group for the product
Pack: Displays the pack size of the product, e.g. 24, 48, 72 etc.
Allocated: Displays what stock is allocated to either orders, assemblies or warehouse transfers
Qty On Hand: Displays the amount (quantity on hand) for the product
Units: Displays the unit of measure for the product, i.e. in meters, pack size etc.
Action: Click on the action cog to edit, clone, adjust, place an order, purchase, view transactions, print a label, obsolete or delete the product

Using the custom grid

Depending on what sort of information you require, you can enter the relevant criteria and then click Run at the top on the banner.

You can also export the details that you are seeing into a number of different file types such as pdf, xls and .xlsx using the Export button on the banner.

Using the tool bar above the grid, you can do a number of other things to the information shown in the grid.

These are described as follows:

  • Group By Column(s):

To group by a desired column you simply need to drag and drop it into toolbar above the grid. As soon as you drop it the grid will group everything based on that column. You can group by as many columns as you like and expand all or collapse all the groups under the More menu.

  • Create Multiple Views:

To set up multiple views of this report you just need to click New on the toolbar and give it a name after making any customizations. You can create as many views as you like and also choose a default which will be displayed when you first click on the report.

  • Customize Columns Shown:

Using the Hidden Columns button you can choose what columns are shown on the grid and where. To add or remove a column, simply drag and drop the columns you require to and from the Hidden columns box.

The Hidden Columns options include:

  • Barcode
  • Bin Location
  • Default Purchase Price
  • Default Sell Price
  • Lead Time (Days)
  • Obsolete
  • Sellable
  • Supplier Code
  • Supplier Name
  • Supplier Product Code
  • Supplier Product Description

Using the action cog

Edit: Enables you to edit the specified product. When this option is selected, the Add Product screen appears, providing you with the ability to edit any required updates.
Clone: Enables you to clone the specified product. When this option is selected, a dialog box appears asking you to fill in details. Fields include: Product Code, Product Description and an option to fill in a Barcode information, if available.
Adjust: Enables you to make a stock adjustment for the specified product. When this option is selected, a dialog box appears asking you to select the warehouse for the stock adjustment.
Order: Enables you to order the selected product. When this option is selected, a dialog box appears asking you to add the new order by filling out the required Customer code and Customer Name fields, when finished press Add Order.
Purchase: Enables you to purchase products. When this option is selected, a dialog box appears asking you to add a purchase by filling out the required Supplier Code and Supplier Name fields, when finished, press Add Purchase.
Transaction: Enables you to make a transaction enquiry by taking you to the Transaction Enquiry page.

How to add a new product

To add a new product into Unleashed;

  1. Go to the Product Entry page 
  2. or click Add Product on the top banner of this page.

How to clone a product

  1. You must already have a Product entered into Unleashed.
  2. You have two places where you can select to clone a product.
  • By using the Action cog on the View Products page, or
  • at the top there is a Clone button.
  1. Once you have clicked the Clone option, you will be shown a box where you will need to enter a few more details.
  2. Once you have filled it out you can click Clone Product and it will copy the Product across for you.

Field descriptions

Product Code: Enter the required Product Code for the cloned product. This field is mandatory.
Product Description: Enter the required Product Description for the cloned product. This field is mandatory.
Barcode: Enter in the required Barcode for the cloned product if applicable. This field is not mandatory.

Displaying product images

You can display product images simply by;

  1. Click the camera icon on the Image column to view a thumbnail of the product image; or
  2. Clicking on the image itself to view the entire image.
If no camera icon appears, then no image is available for the product. 

How to delete products

  1. From the View Products page, use the first column to select the product(s) you want to delete.
  2. Once you have selected the product(s), however your mouse over the cog icon and select Delete.
Please note that a product cannot be deleted if there are any transactions against it; in this case they would have to be Obsoleted instead.
Transactions, other than quotes, are shown in the transactions tab on the Product screen. Quotes can be found using the Quote Enquiry.
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