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View Stock Adjustments


About View Stock Adjustments

The View Stock Adjustment page enables you to view all the Stock Adjustments whether they are;

  • active, or
  • complete.

You can also create Stock Adjustments from this page by clicking on the Add Adjustment button. For example, you can enter details of a Stock Adjustment to update stock levels and/or values. Alternatively, you can click on the Adjustment number link, and it jumps to the Stock Adjustment page, where you can edit the selected Adjustment, park it or complete it. Additionally you can print, delete or add another Adjustment.


A Stock Adjustment is used to adjust stock for any number of reasons such as write-offs, stocktakes, donations etc. You can also adjust the value of a product via the Stock Adjustments page.

You can access the View Stock Adjustments page from Inventory | Transactions | Stock Adjustments.


Functional descriptions


Header button descriptions

Export: Enables you to export the stock adjustment to a portable document format (PDF).
Add Adjustment: Clicking this button on the banner will take you to the Stock Adjustment entry page, ready for you to add an adjustment.


Drop-down options

Status drop-down: This drop-down will let you filter on the status of each stock adjustment. 
The filters are;

  • Parked,
  • Deleted
  • Completed
  • All.
If you select 'All' it displays all the stock adjustment status data available in Unleashed.

Reason: Every stock adjustment must have a reason associated with it, so by using this drop-down you can see all adjustments associated with a particular reason.
Warehouse: Enables you to select the required warehouse that your stock adjustments are located. Do not select if unknown.


Grid column descriptions

Adjustment No.: Each stock adjustment has its own unique number assigned to it. By clicking this number you can drill down on the stock adjustment in question.
Date: Displays the date the stock adjustment was made.
Warehouse: Displays the name of the warehouse that the product is located, or it displays the progress status of that product, e.g. In Transit'.  By clicking on the Warehouse, you can drill down on the warehouse in question.
Status: Displays status for the specified line.
Reason: Displays the reason that the stock is adjusted, i.e. Adjustment.
Line: Displays the line number of the stock item.
Total Adjustment Quantity: Displays quantity for the specified line.
Total Adjustment Value: Displays value for the specified line.


How to filter stock adjustments to view

You can filter stock adjustments easily, either by

  • Status
  • Reason, and/or
  • Warehouse

To use the filter, simply perform the following;

  1. Select either from the Status, Reason or Warehouse drop-down filters.
  2. The page lists what filters have been applied instantly.
You can easily use multiple filters by selecting more than one at a time!


How to export stock adjustments

You can easily export your stock adjustment findings to a portable document format (PDF). To do so;

  1. After you have filtered your stock adjustments, click on the Export button.
  2. A PDF is generated of your Stock Adjustment list, based on your filtered settings.
PDF is the default format generated whenever you export a stock adjustment. However, you can optionally select CSV, XLSX or XLS formats. You an select these from the Export button drop-down list.


How to add a stock adjustment

You can easily add a new stock adjustment to this list from the View Stock Adjustment page.


How to add a stock adjustment from the View Stock Adjustment page

  1. From the View Stock Adjustment page, click Add Adjustment.
  2. The Add Stock Adjustment page appears, you can add a new stock adjustment here.
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