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Stock Adjustments


A Stock Adjustment is a transaction that's used in Unleashed to update the quantity of units and/or stock value your current inventory, to account for reasons such as write-offs, damages, donations etc. They enable you to keep your stock on hand and value as accurate as possible whilst accounting for real-world situations which can impact your stock. 

The Stock Adjustments page provides an overview of the Stock Adjustments that have been created in your Unleashed account. For more details on creating a new stock adjustment, see Add Stock Adjustments.

Stock Adjustments page

You can view the Stock Adjustments that have been created for your inventory by navigating to the main menu's Inventory section, select Transactions the Stock Adjustment.

Header button descriptions

At the top of the View Purchases page, there are three buttons, described below:

  • Export: Downloads either a PDF, CSV or XLSX copy of the Stock Adjustments page.
  • Add Adjustment: Takes you to the Add Stock Adjustment page, to make a new adjustment. 

Filter field descriptions

You can filter the Stock Adjustments that populate in the Stock Adjustments page using the filter fields available above the grid layout. Each of the filter fields have been described below:

Filter Description
Status Only Stock Adjustments with the selected order Status will populate; Parked, Completed, Deleted or All
Reason Only Stock Adjustments that have the selected reason will populate. For more details, see Adjustment Reasons.
Warehouse Only Stock Adjustments that have the selected Warehouse allocated will populate.

Header descriptions

Header Description
Adjustment No.

The reference number that's been generated for the Stock Adjustment upon it's creation.

Date The date the Stock Adjustment was created.
Warehouse The Warehouse the Stock Adjustment's been created for.
Status The current status of the Stock Adjustment.
Reason The Adjustment Reason that's been allocated to the Stock Adjustment.
Lines The number order product lines that have been added to the Stock Adjustment.
Total Adjustment Quantity The cumulative total number of units being adjusted in the Stock Adjustment.
Total Adjustment Value The cumulative total value that's being adjusted in the Stock Adjustment.


Manage Stock Adjustments

If a Stock Adjustment is in a Completed or Deleted status, it can no longer be edited. However, Parked Sales Orders can be edited and completed to update your Stock on Hand and Stock Value. 

From the Stock Adjustments page, select the Adjustment No. link to open the Parked Stock Adjustment and from there you can make any edits applicable before completing. 

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