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View Supplier Returns


The View Supplier Returns page enables you to view all Supplier Returns including Parked or Completed returns. 

By default, it will show all of the 'Parked' Supplier Returns in your account.


Viewing a Supplier Return

  1. Go to Purchases | Supplier Returns | View Supplier Returns.
  2. Select All, Parked, or Completed from the Status drop-down list to filter the supplier returns. 
  • Use the action cog at the end of the table to view, print, or email any supplier return. 
  • Click Add Return to enter a new supplier return. For more information, see Add Supplier Return.
  • Click Export to export to PDF, CSV, XLSX, or XLS format. 

Deleting a Parked Supplier Return

You can only delete 'parked' supplier returns.

  1. Go to Purchases | Supplier Returns | View Supplier Returns.
  2. Open the parked supplier return you want to delete.
  3. Click Delete at the bottom right corner of the page.
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