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Purchases Module Overview


The Purchases module provides an easy way for businesses to order and purchase products for use in production and for sale. Some of the great features we provide are:

  • easy to use database management tools for all your supplier and production information
  • the ability to send Purchase Orders directly from Unleashed via email (with the option to also include attachments)
  • handy tab driven data entry pages
  • the ability to import/export Purchase Orders

The Purchases module enables you to start your inventory management process. From this module, you have the ability to:

  • raise Purchase Orders
  • record stock coming in
  • edit supplier details using the hyperlinks within the Add Purchase Order screen

What is a Purchase Order?

A Purchase Order is a document issued by the buyer to the seller which provides specified information that usually includes:

  • types
  • quantities
  • agreed price for a product or service that the seller provides to the buyer

For example, a Purchase Order can be sent to a supplier to be used as an official legal document which offers to buy products or services from the supplier. In Unleashed, the Purchase Order is the start of your inventory management process. You can create and send Purchase Orders to your suppliers quickly and easily. 

Typical purchase process

You must first create the following, before you can create Purchase Orders:

Once your Supplier, Products and receiving Warehouses exist in Unleashed, you can create a Purchase Order to establish what stock you're buying from the seller, for how much and when you're expecting to receive it. Further use Unleashed's Doc Designer templates to design the Purchase Order documents that you print or email to your Supplier too.

When the stock arrives on site at your warehouse, you'll then receipt the Purchase Order either in full or using split receipting, to add the physical stock that's arrived into your inventory in Unleashed, at the agreed costs. From here, your receipted stock's available to use in your production and sale processes. 

Purchase Process Diagram

Purchase Process Diagram.png

What are Purchase Order Costs?

Purchase Order costs are simply any additional costs that have been accumulated due to the procurement and purchase of the stock, and as such would increase the value of the goods you're receiving. Typically, additional costs can be a result of (but not limited to):

  • Freight
  • Duties
  • Fees
  • Labor costs
  • Insurance

These costs would be included in the Cost Lines section of your Purchase Order and will be distributed across the products being receipted, based on the Distribution Method selected. 

As costs added to a Purchase Order won't always be charged from the same Supplier as the goods themselves, the Cost Lines provide you with the flexibility to advise alternate Suppliers within the Purchase Order that are cost specific. This keeps your stock values inclusive and your Suppliers accurately updated.
For more details, see Add a Purchase Order.

What is a Receipted Purchase Order?

A Receipted Purchase Order is a purchase order where the products have been received and their stock quantities updated in Unleashed to acknowledge this. The Purchase Order is still open when in a Receipted status, to add any additional costs that need to be finalized against it. But no further changes can be made to the Purchase Order's receipted quantities or purchase prices once it's been Receipted.

For more details, see Receipt a Purchase Order.

What is Split Receipting?

Split Receipting is an additional option that you can use in the Receipt Purchase Order page. Split Receipting enables you to receipt in only a portion of the ordered quantity, based on the goods that have arrived.

For example, if you have receipted in some stock on a purchase order, but not everything that you ordered has arrived yet and you're expecting it to be delivered at a later date, you can use the Split Receipt feature to reflect this in Unleashed. This enables you to use the stock you have already received but keep track of anything that is still on order.

For more information, see Split Receipting.

What is a Supplier Return?

In the event where the stock you've received needs to be returned to a Supplier or you require a credit for the charges made on a Purchase Order, you can complete a Supplier Return in Unleashed to reflect this. You can manage the reasons for your Supplier Returns within your System settings, under Supplier Return Reasons and these will help you to monitor your Supplier's competency for successful deliveries and any other factors that can impact receipting of your stock. 

For more details, see Add Supplier Return

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