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Import Assemblies field definitions


* denotes mandatory fields. Ensure that you enter correct values in the template before importing into Unleashed. 

Field Name Description
*Assembly number Assign unique number for the assembly
*Product Code Product code for an existing product. 
*Source warehouse Code Warehouse code the stock will be transferred from.
*Destination warehouse Code Warehouse code where the stock will be transferred to.
*Assembly Status The default UNL or custom status assigned to the assembly
Assembled Quantity The quantity you want to assemble based on the Available Quantity. Once you have entered the Assembled Quantity, you can adjust the quantities used and remove lines where necessary to better reflect what was used in the assembly. - doesnt have to be based on the available quantity - they can overallocate
Assembly By Date by which the assembly is to be completed
Comments Additional comments or directions for assembly
Serial number This is the serial number for the specified product. Each product can have multiple Serial Numbers attached to it.
Batch number Batch number for the specified product.
Batch quantity  Quantity of products that fall under same batch number
Batch expiry date Expiry date of the batch number assigned to a product or group of products



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