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Import Stock Revaluation


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Import Stock Revaluation Field Definitions

Use the Import Stock Revaluation to update the current Average Landed Costs (ALC) of your products, to manage the total value of your existing Stock on Hand (SOH). 

Points to Note

  • The Import Stock Revaluation only applies to products that have a current Stock on Hand (SOH) quantity.
  • Changes to a product's Average Landed Cost (ALC) will only apply to transaction's completed after it's been updated. 
  • The Import Stock Revaluation cannot be back-dated.
  • Changes made to a product's ALC by the Import Stock Revaluation will be actioned as a value only Stock Adjustment. 
  • The Import Stock Revaluation must be completed using a CSV format. 
  • The Import Stock Revaluation updates the ALC of the product across all warehouses and is not warehouse specific. 

Import Stock Revaluation

The Import Stock Revaluation page lets you bulk update your current inventory's Average Landed Costs. Upon import, any changes made to a product's ALC will apply as a value only Stock Adjustment that will update the product's Stock Value, based on it's current on hand quantity. 

If integrated with an accounting provider, the stock revaluation will export as a Stock Journal to your default Stock on Hand and COGS accounts, exporting the adjustment's total value.

Using the Import Stock Revaluation

Follow the below steps to process a Stock Revaluation: 

  1. From the main menu, head to the Inventory module, Transactions and select Import Stock Revaluation

  2. Click the Download Stock Revaluation Template File button and this will download a pre-populated template with all products that currently have SOH across all Warehouses in your account.

    • Product Code: Product code for an existing product.
    • Product Description: Product description for an existing product.
    • AverageLandCost: The current ALC for the product.
    • NewAverageLandCost: Where the new ALC will be entered.

  3. Initially, the NewAverageLandCost column will be blank, but this is where you will want to advise an updated cost:

    • Remove any product rows that don't require an updated ALC, this will ensure no changes are inaccurately made for the product.
    • If the NewAverageLandCost field is left blank in the template and imported, it will not update the product's ALC in Unleashed.
    • If the NewAverageLandCost field is given a 0 value, the product's new ALC will be 0.00.

  4. Once the NewAverageLandCost column has been filled in, upload the CSV file via the Import Stock Revaluation. If successfully imported, any products with a new ALC will be updated immediately and your inventory's stock value will be recalculated.
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