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Import Stock Revaluation



The Stock Revaluation Import page lets you bulk update your Average Landed Costs.

A Stock Journal for the value of the adjustment is created and exported to your integrated accounting provider (if you have one).

Read the following topics to understand the correct process details and avoid common errors:


  • Unleashed on Browser
  • Microsoft Excel


1. Navigate to Inventory>Transactions>Import Stock Revaluation



2. Click Download Stock Valuation Template File


3. Save a backup copy of the original file you've exported as a safety net in case there are any issues with the Import.

4. Open the document and enter the cost value in the NewAverageLandCost column for the required products you wish to update; once done, save the document.


5. Return to Unleashed and Click Drop file here or click to upload to upload it and update your products with the new average landed cost.Screen_Shot_2022-10-20_at_3.51.46_PM.png

For more information, see Import Stock Revaluation Field Definitions.


Additional Information

(Optional) For any products you aren't updating, you can remove the rows from the document so you only have the products you wish to change the cost for.

Please do not remove or rename any columns as this could compromise your data being or create issues with the Import. 

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