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Import Stock Revaluation



The Stock Revaluation Import page lets you bulk update your Average Landed Costs.

A Stock Journal for the value of the adjustment is created and exported to your integrated accounting provider (if you have one).

Read the following topics to understand the correct process details and avoid common errors:


  • Unleashed on Browser
  • Microsoft Excel


1. Navigate to Inventory>Transactions>Import Stock Revaluations



2. Click Download Stock Valuation Template File



3. Enter the required values in the NewAverageLandCost column and save this document


For more information, see Import Stock Revaluation Field Definitions.


4. Return to Unleashed and Click Drop file here or click to upload to upload your new Average Landed Costs!



Additional Information

ATTENTION, For any products you aren't updating, it's important to remember to remove these lines - otherwise when you import the file, if you leave the 'new average landed cost' field blank, the system will take this to mean 0.

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