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Import Purchases


You can import purchase orders in bulk into your account. All imported purchase orders will be added to your account in a Parked status, allowing you to confirm the transactions before approving them.

Before You Begin

Read the following topics to understand the correct process details and avoid common errors:

Points to Note:

  • Purchase orders must be unique for an existing product. DO NOT enter an existing order number.
  • We recommend importing open orders. If you import completed orders, all orders are imported with a Parked status and you must manually complete the orders. This will affect your Stock On Hand values.
  • The unit price from the template is the unit price on the purchase order imported; this will override the default unit price in the system settings. If you want to use the default unit price from the system, then leave the unit price field blank.
  • Enter the correct supplier code as recorded in Unleashed.
  • You must enter the order numbers with any required prefixes or formatting. Unleashed does not add any prefixes or formatting.
  • Uploaded purchase orders can have as many lines as required, however, you must enter a line number for each line.
  • Multiple purchase orders can be uploaded on a single template.

Importing Purchases

  1. Go to Purchases | Purchase Orders | Import Purchases.
  2. Click Download Purchase Order template.
  3. Enter data in the template format. For field definitions, see Import Purchases field definitions.
  4. Save the file.
  5. Click Upload Purchase Orders.
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