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Import Stock Counts



For a physical stocktake, you can import a list of your products and stock counts and have them show up in the related stock count.

Read the following topics to understand the correct process details and avoid common errors:

Points to Note:

  • The Stock Count Number must exist and the status must be In Progress. For more information, see Create Stock Count and Create Stock Count Entries.
  • The product code must be for an existing product in Unleashed.
  • You must enter valid values for all columns in the template.
  • You need to specify the CountQuantity. If left blank, the quantity will be set to 0. When imported, you can always change the quantity if the count is still in progress / before completing it.


1. Navigate to Inventory>Transactions>Stock Counts


2. Click Import Count


3. Click Download Stock Count Template File.


4. Enter data in the template format. For field definitions, see Import Stock Count field definitions.


5. Save the file.

6. Drag and drop the file or click to upload.


You can always double-check a file has been imported via the 3 parallel lines next to your name in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

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