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Import Supplier Contacts Field Definitions


* denotes mandatory fields. Ensure that you enter correct values in the template before importing into Unleashed. 

Field Name Description
*Supplier Code An existing supplier code for which you want to import contacts.
Supplier Name Supplier name (max length = 500).
Note:  One of First Name, Last Name or Email Address is mandatory (if all 3 are null, the row will fail validation)
*First Name Supplier contact's first name. Ensure that you enter a unique combination for the First Name + Last Name + Email for the contact. If the First Name + Last Name + Email combination already exists, then the existing contact details will be overwritten. 
*Last Name Supplier contact's surname.
*Email Address Supplier contact's email address (must be a valid email address format)

If you have integrated with Xero, ensure that you enter an email address for the primary supplier contact.
Website Supplier contact's website address (must be a valid website URL)
Primary Identify your primary contact.  TRUE or FALSE. If left blank, defaults to FALSE. However, the first contact added will be assigned as the primary contact.
Purchasing Contact's email address to be included in purchasing emails.  TRUE or FALSE. If left blank, defaults to FALSE.
Toll Free No. Supplier contact's toll free phone number.
Phone Supplier contact's phone number.
OfficePhone Supplier contact's office phone number.
Fax Supplier contact's fax number.
Mobile Supplier contact's mobile number.
DDI Supplier contact's direct dial telephone number.
Notes For comments.
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