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Troubleshooting Import Errors


Troubleshooting Import Errors 

The table details some of the common data import errors and the recommended action.

Error/Symptom Recommended Action
Import is taking a long time We recommend a limit of 1000 rows per imported file.  If you have more than 1000 rows, break the file into subsets of 1000 rows each.
Duplicate “[Product,Customer,Supplier]” codes Update the duplicate values and ensure that they are unique.
Random Characters in Cell A1 Delete all random characters in Cell A1 prior to the asterisks (*).
Duplicate sales order transaction numbers  Update the duplicate values and ensure that they are unique.
Mandatory fields missing  Mandatory fields displayed with a * must have a value.
Date value formatting Ensure the dates are formatted as dd/mm/yyyy.
The default template column headers are changed or deleted The template columns cannot be changed or deleted. Compare to the templates provided within Unleashed
Data formatting (i.e; Excel converts long numbers to scientific category) Ensure you change your data formatting to text format only.
Product group name cannot contain commas Remove any commas from your product group name.
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