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Data Import Checklist


You can import existing data into Unleashed by downloading the templates from each module in .csv format. This will help you to setup your system faster and streamline the transition from an older system. You can import data at any time.

All transaction imports will be created in a Parked status, giving you the opportunity to review the import and make adjustments when necessary, before completing. 

NOTE: You cannot import historical data for purchase orders and sales orders. 

For a full list of the data sets that can be imported to Unleashed, see below:

Import Template Checklist

  • You must use the Unleashed templates for importing data. These can be exported from each Import/Export page within in Unleashed.
  • It is recommended to keep an original export of your data as a backup, before importing an updated template to Unleashed. 
  • Ensure that the header columns of your importing file match the template. Renaming column headers will cause import failures.
  • You must complete all mandatory fields marked with an asterisk (*).
  • If you import address details, you must specify an "address name".
  • You must enter tax as a numeric value. For example: if the tax rate is 15%, you must enter the value as 15.
  • Do not insert invalid characters i.e; commas, line breaks, percentage symbols etc.
  • Ensure numbers such as 3400004000500 are not converted to scientific values like 3.4E+12. If this happens, you must update the cell format to a number value.
  • If you reuse the export template for subsequent imports, it is recommended to delete any rows that you are not due to be updated. This will speed up the import process as well as reduce the risk of inadvertent updates.
  • When reusing previously imported files, note that if you remove data from the non mandatory fields, this will remove the data from Unleashed upon importing.
  • You must save the file you are importing as a csv file format. Ensure that the file encoding is Unicode (UTF-8).

Monitor the progress of your import via the task bar, found in the burger icon in the top right of your Unleashed page. If the import was successful, a green tick will show next to the import task. If the import failed, a red cross icon will show instead, click the task for further details on why the import failed to import. You will also receive an email to your user address confirming the import's been completed and it will provide further details on the import's success or failure.

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