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Using the Sandbox


Unleashed's Sandbox feature allows you to create a copy of your current Unleashed account in a separate environment. This environment allows you to develop, test and learn more about Unleashed's functionalities and behaviours without affecting the data in your live Unleashed account. Upon creation, the Sandbox will replicate your live account but any changes made to your Sandbox will not apply to your live account, and vice versa. 

Points to note

Please read these notes carefully to avoid accidental data loss or inadvertent changes to your account:

  • Only the account owner can create the Sandbox environment.
  • You can only have one Sandbox per account. 
  • A Sandbox is created using a back-up of your live account from up to 24 hours ago. 
  • The Sandbox account will expire and be deleted 21 days after being created. The expiration date cannot be extended and a deleted Sandbox cannot be restored.
  • Existing users in your live account are automatically granted access to the Sandbox upon creation. 
  • Sandbox accounts are limited to 5 user licenses.
  • Any data that you enter into your Sandbox account is NOT and CANNOT be synced to your live account.
  • Before creating or working in a Sandbox environment, ensure all other web browser windows or tabs logged into Unleashed are closed. Unleashed only supports a single active organization at a time for a given user.
  • You cannot test the B2B Portal in the Sandbox account
  • If you would like to test the Advanced Shipping Module or Ecommerce Hub integrations once you have created the Sandbox account please Submit a request in the Support Portal.
  • If you create a transaction for your Sandbox environment while a browser tab is open in your live account, there is a chance that the transaction will be saved to your live account. Ensure all tabs in your browser are logged in to your Sandbox when testing. 
  • Email functionality is disabled in Sandbox accounts.
  • File Library contents (product images) are not copied to the Sandbox environment.
  • If you delete the current Sandbox and create a new one immediately, in the majority of cases it will restore the data from the previous one, however, this is dependent on the amount of data in the Sandbox and cannot be guaranteed. We recommend you export any data you need to keep from your current Sandbox, this can be reimported into the new Sandbox if needed.


NOTE: Your Sandbox account should have a unique API ID and API Key you could use to trial integrations out.  We strongly suggest not connecting to your live integrations with the Unleashed Sandbox in the interest of preserving data integrity.

Creating the Sandbox

  1. Close all other web browser windows or tabs of Unleashed
  2. As the account owner, go to your name's dropdown menu in the top right of Unleashed.
  3. Select My Account.
  4. Click Create Sandbox in the top right of your page.
  5. In the confirmation dialog box, click Yes to continue or No to exit. A notification is displayed after the Sandbox is successfully created.

Using the Sandbox

When in Sandbox mode, you can integrate with other applications (native or otherwise, the Sandbox account will have a unique API Key and API ID).

  1. Go to the My Account page.
  2. Select the Sandbox account and click View
  3.  A message is displayed at the top of the screen to indicate that you are using the Sandbox 

Exiting the Sandbox

  1. Go to the My Account page.
  2. Select the account you want to access and click View.  

Deleting the Sandbox

  1. In the Sandbox account, go to the My Account page.
  2. Select your live Unleashed account and click View.
  3. In the live Unleashed account, go to the My Account page.
  4. Click Delete Sandbox.
  5. In the confirmation pop-up, click Yes.

You will receive a notification confirming the Sandbox deletion.

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