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Using the Setup Page


When you log into your Unleashed account for the first time, the Setup Page is displayed.

To access this page at any time, go to Settings | Company. Click Setup Wizard.

Setup Process

The setup page lists a few first steps to get your Unleashed account up and running. You must complete the following steps before you start using Unleashed to process transactions from your account.

1. Setup your Company details

Some of the fields will already have information based on the details provided during registration. Verify, enter or update the details for all tabs as required. This information is an important part of the setup process as it is used across different areas of your Unleashed inventory management. Some fields you must ensure are completed correctly:

  • Time Zone: The time zone setting is used to record the timestamps on transactions. 

For more information, see Company Settings.

2. Setup Currency 

Base currency cannot be changed from your selection on the registration form, and will remain your default currency for the life of your Unleashed account.  This page enables you to select all the different currencies that you want to trade in and the relevant default exchange rates. For more information, see Currency Rates

3. Setup Transaction Prefixes

You must setup transaction prefixes for reference purposes. The prefixes will also ensure easier transition from a legacy system to Unleashed.  For more information, see Prefixes

4. Configure the connection to your Accounting Provider

You can integrate with either Xero or QuickBooks or remain standalone. For more information, see the following links: 

5. Import your Suppliers, Customers, Products, and initial Stock on Hand 

For more information, see Import SuppliersImport CustomersImport Products, and Import Stock on Hand

You must import the initial Stock on Hand before you start using Unleashed. 
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