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You can subscribe to Unleashed and activate your account. For any assistance or more information, please submit a case to our Experience Team. 

Convert trial data to a new subscription: For information on moving your trial data and user data to a new subscription, see Retaining or Deleting Trial Data.

Subscribing to Unleashed

  1. Ensure you have the right system requirements to be accessing Unleashed.
  2. Go to:
  3. Select the required plan and click Subscribe.
  4. From the Subscription Plan drop-down list, select the plan you want to subscribe to. 
  5. Select the Monthly or Annually payment frequency radio button.
  6. The Number of Users field will display the default number of users supported for the selected subscription plan. You can add more users as required.
  7. The Unleashed University is a self-paced learning portal with training content to help you use Unleashed effectively. Specify the number of users you want to be subscribed for the Unleashed University access.
  8. You can purchase premium support in the Additional Products area. Note that you have a subscribe for a minimum period of 4 months. If you are on a Large Plus plan and want to purchase premium support, please have a chat to one of the team.
  9. You can purchase extra API calls in the Extra API Calls area. For more information about API Usage and buying API Usage bundles, see API Usage.
  10. All Unleashed Accounts are provisioned with 10GB.  You can purchase extra file storage in increments of 10GB via the "Extra File Storage" product on your billing page.  For more information, see File Library.
  11. If you have received a discount or promotion, enter in the Voucher Code field and click Apply.
  12. Review the subscription details in the Checkout area, and click Subscribe
  13. Enter in your Credit Card details safely and securely.
  14. Click Update.

Retaining or Deleting Trial Data

After you subscribe, the Setup page will be displayed with the following options to keep your trial data. Note the following points:

  • Ensure you select the correct options as this cannot be changed once you click Continue.
  • Details will be displayed when you click each option to understand the details of the data that will be retained or deleted.
  • Tooltips provide information for each option.

 After you have decided whether you want to retain your trial data, see Setting Up a New Account to configure the required settings and start using Unleashed.

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