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Magento integration FAQs


What happens if stock levels are different in both systems?

If the quantity in Magento does not match the available quantity of the product in Unleashed; then you can trigger a re-export of stock levels using the "Transfer SOH Changes From" field.

To do so;

  1. Go to the Integration Configuration page under Integrations and change the "Transfer SOH Changes From" field to a date in the past that you want SOH changes exported from.
  2. Unleashed will send the stock levels for all products that have had their stock levels changed since that time.


Why are there some products from Unleashed/Magento not coming through?

You can only export products to Magento from Unleashed when the 'Export Products' tick box is checked. If this is checked, then any new products in Unleashed will export to Magento as a 'simple' products.


You cannot export Bundled and Configurable products to Magento from Unleashed— these should be set up manually.

Products that are created in Magento are not automatically pulled into Unleashed. There is a tick-box called "Create Missing Products" that, if checked, will create a product in Unleashed upon importing an invoice from Magento. This would contain products that do not exist in Unleashed already. There is an extension can be loaded into your Magento store that helps in exporting your Magento products into our template format.


I have an error on my integration log, what do I do now?

Multiple errors can occur in the integration between Unleashed and Magento. These can range from missing products to Magento configuration issues.
The integration log is the best place to diagnose these issues. The errors are descriptive; however, if you have come across an issue that you are uncertain about, please submit a case to our Experience Team.


My Magento store is not connecting, what do I do to solve this?

  1. You should have followed the steps outlined in the Magento Integration Guide in how to set-up the integration.
  2. If you are still having issues, check the integration log to see what error message is being returned.

Make sure that when you visit the URL example below for your store [], it returns a result saying "Invalid XML".
Anything else means that there is most likely something wrong with your store's configuration.


What are the different dashboard statuses? 

There are several different dashboard statuses that you can get on the configuration page.


The refresh button checks for new invoices and imports any new invoice found in your Magento. The deactivate button temporarily deactivates your Magento connection without disconnecting completely. This is a great feature if you need to pause the integration for any reason.

The following is a sample of possible dashboard statuses;


It is not yet integrated.

  • You have not entered your details.
  • Enter Magento details and click Save.

Could not connect to Magento store

  • Url/user/key is incorrect or shop is not responding.
  • Enter the correct details and click Save.

Magento products have not been imported into Unleashed

  • Import products on the product import page or use the Unleashed extension to import products from your Magento store. Make sure you have "Yes" in the Column "Is API Product" on the product import template.
  • Or click the No Products To Import button.

Stock on Hand not imported

  • Import SOH on the SOH import page.
  • Or click the No Stock To Import button.

Manual transfer required

  • Setup is all OK, but need to transfer manually once to make sure it works before automatic transfer can start
  • Click the Transfer button.


  • All is OK.
  • Auto transfer is occurring every 5 minutes.
  • Click Deactivate button to stop auto transfer


  • All is OK.
  • Auto transfer is not occurring.
  • Click Activate button to start auto transfer.


I have made updates to the average costs in Unleashed, why are they not updating to Magento when I make changes?

The average landed costs are exported when you initially set up the integration. However, any changes made after will not be updated in Magento. 
Unleashed will use the average landed costs in Unleashed, therefore the profit margins will be reflected in the sales invoice. 


I have marked the invoice in Unleashed as “shipped”, why is it not updating Magento?

Shipment details are not part of the integration, so when the order is marked as Shipped, then this info is not shared between the Magento and Unleashed systems. 


The invoice from Magento has imported into Unleashed as ''Parked,'' can I edit the order?

Once the order from Magento has come into Unleashed it cannot be edited even in a ''Parked'' status.


I just completed the invoice in Magento, why is it not in Unleashed immediately?

The Magento sync happens every 15 minutes. Unleashed is limited by Magento as to how much data we can pass and push through to at any one time. 


My bundled product is not importing into Unleashed correctly on the sales order. Why is that?

We currently support fixed pricing on bundled products. However, dynamic priced bundles do work but sometimes they might include other products in the bundle. This is behavior from Magento we cannot work around. 

Things to check:

  • The product is auto assembly and has components
  • A Bill of Materials is created with all possible components
  • In the Magento tab in Unleashed,  the product type should be as bundled and it should have components added to it. 


Can I use Unleashed's Sell Price Tiers in Magento?

No, unfortunately this is not possible, only the default price per product will be imported into Magento.


Why are products imported as 'Disabled?'

Importing of products brings them in as 'Disabled' and some mandatory fields are to be amended before they can be saved in Magento.

Because they would instantly display on the website, even though the customer may want to append price, apply discounts or attach images. There is no way to auto-populate the mandatory fields in Magento via import, this is due to field mappings that aren't available at present. 


Why is the shipping default price set to $5 per item?

This is set and managed within Magento. The details of which can be found here;

Magento | (admin page) System | Configuration | (left hand menu bar) Sales | Shipping Methods.


Can my customer data pass from Unleashed to Magento?

No, Unleashed customers are sent to Magento, only customers created from Magento are auto created in Unleashed. 


When an order is created in Magento, when will it pass through to Unleashed?

If an order is created, it is processed when the order has been invoiced. This is the only step in the sales process in Magento that has any impact on Unleashed. This action passes the Invoice through as a Sales Order in Unleashed.


What are the timings on data transfers between the two systems?

The service that passes data between Unleashed and Magento runs every 30 minutes.


Can I ship multiple orders with one action rather than having to edit each order?

No, you cannot process sales in Unleashed to pass through to Magento when the order has been invoiced. Please contact Magento to make an enhancement request.


I cannot load the Guest Customer for Invoice, what do I do now?

This could be because you deleted the Guest Customer. To work around this, all the customer needs to do is create the GUEST customer again.



Vend integration FAQs


What happens if customer sales, product or stock on hand details do not come across when the integration process is completed?

Go to the Connection Log page and view the invoice or sales number that is missing, locate the number and remedy.


Where should I enter my purchases, in Vend or Unleashed?

If you have the Stock On Hand Export check box ticked, you will want to do all purchases in Unleashed. If it is not ticked then it is up to you. However, you will then need to manage the stock separately.


Can I enter sales directly into Unleashed when I have Vend integrated?

Yes, it will work the same way. Vend would simply be feeding sales in automatically.


Can I import my products and stock on hand from Vend?

Yes but only once. It will only pull across products that do not exist in Unleashed. This includes;

  • Products
  • Stock On Hand, and
  • Stock On Hand value.

You can access this via the Unleashed integration store.


What happens to Never Diminishing Products when integrating with Vend?

If you have products that are marked as 'Never Diminishing' in Unleashed; they will be pushed into Vend as standard products. However, you can edit the product in Vend and un-mark the stock tracking option. This will amend the product and change it to a 'Never-Diminishing products.' 

This is also the same process coming back from Vend into Unleashed.


Xero Integration FAQs

How can I check the export status of my transactions?

You have the ability to check the status and manually export any file from the following page; go to 

  1. Integration | Integration Store | Xero | Configuration | Export Your Data
  2. Select your transaction type and date range.

How can I reset my Unleashed integration with Xero?

You can do this by sliding off/on the toggle switch on the following page;

Settings > Integration Store > Xero > Configure

When switching this on, you will be prompted with a Xero Pop Up window to authorize the connection!


Why does the Stock Journal price differ from the Sales Invoice?

The Stock Journal represents the actual costs of the products within the sales transaction. The Sales Invoice will represent the costs that is forwarded to the debtor.


I have missing invoices in Xero?

The first place to check for your missing transaction is;

  1. In the Failed Export Queue which is located at the bottom of the Unleashed webpage within a grey highlighted box.
  2. Click on this link and then try to either export all files or push them through manually.

If any errors are still present, please email the the details of this error through to us.

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