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Batch Number Tracking FAQs


Where do you enable Batch Tracking?

Navigate to Settings> Company > Configuration tab and switch the "Batch Tracking" toggle ON. Click on 'Save'.

Why can't I enable Batch Tracking against my Company Settings?

This functionality requires Order Management and Invoicing to be enabled first.

How can I record batch numbers against a product?

You can mark your products as batch tracked on the product record level itself OR in bulk via Inventory> Products> Import/Export> Batch Numbers tab> Download template.

When updating the product record, if you have existing Stock On Hand then a batch tracking pop-up box is presented. You then need to enter the batch tracking numbers to cover all Stock On Hand before the Save icon becomes available.

I made a mistake recording an incorrect Expiry Date against a Batch number, how can I correct this?

  1. Go to Reports | Inventory | Batch Numbers Enquiry.
  2. Enter the batch number and click Run.
  3. Click on the Expiry Date field and specify the correct value.

Can I switch "Batch Tracking" OFF?

 Once enabled, the Batch Tracking function under Settings>Company>Configuration cannot be disabled. However, you can turn the Batch tracked toggle OFF on a product by product basis. 

I no longer need my product(s) to be batch tracked. How do I do that?

Your product(s) need to be removed from any open transactions. You can use the Product record's References Tab to identify which transactions the product is against, including BOMs.
 You will then need to remove its current Stock on Hand. This can be achieved by creating a stock adjustment* to put the stock on hand of the product to 0 ((i.e. by performing a negative stock adjustment adding a '-' in front of the quantity). Once that is completed, you can then disable the "Batch tracked" toggle in the Product record and click on Save OR in bulk via Inventory> Products > Import / Export> Export Products> add 'No' under the 'Is Batch Tracked?' column. Save and re-import. 

after performing a negative stock adjustment to remove all stock against the product, you may need to create another stock adjustment to re-add the stock in if that product and its stock are still in use.



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