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Serial Number Tracking FAQs


What subscription do I need to enable Serial Tracking?

You must be on either Medium or Large subscription to use the feature and all its functionality.

Can we use as a batch number? e.g. one number for 1000 received units

The serial number must be unique for a product. So if you order 1000 products, you will need to enter 1000 serial numbers. However what you may be looking for is batch tracking, which will be the next stage of the serial tracking feature.

How does the Serial Number functionality affect Unleashed Add-ons such as Lightspeed, GeoOP, Neto etc

There should not be any impact on the integration. Serial numbers are only managed within Unleashed. It is currently not available in the API, so we do not send the serial number information to Lightspeed, GeoOp, and Neto etc. Also, transactions that have serialized products will come through with a ‘Parked’ status.

If we delete shipment but complete the order, can we still track serial number?

Serial Numbers are not tracked against the order, only against the shipment when dispatching. Once the shipment has been dispatched you will not be able to delete it. If the shipment is still open the serial numbers are not tracked.

What happens when we return a product to the supplier for repair and receive it back?

You can create a Supplier Return for the product. Then you can either stock adjust it or receipt it back on a purchase order.

What happens if I make a mistake with a serial number?

You cannot edit a serial number. What you can do is:

  1. Create a stock adjustment to remove the incorrect serialized product.
  2. Perform a stock adjustment to add the serialized product with the correct serial number. 

How can I record serial numbers against a product?

Once this feature has been enabled in your Company Settings, you can then enable this against your product. If you have existing SOH then a serial numbers pop-up box is displayed. You must enter the serial numbers to cover all SOH and save.

Why can't I enable Serial Number Tracking against my Company Settings?

This functionality requires Order Management and Invoicing to be enabled first. 

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