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Production FAQs


How do you enable Production?

You can enable Production from Settings | Company and then press the Enable Production button. You can activate it by scrolling down and then checking the Production tick box from this Features page. 

This is a special feature that is only available for users on specified plans. Check out the Unleashed website for more information.


What are Assembled Products?

An Assembled Product is a product that will be created by combining quantities of component products as directed by the Bill of Materials.

What are Component Products?

Component Products are a product that is used and combined with other component products to create an assembled product as directed on a Bill of Materials.


What happens when Can Auto Assemble is enabled?

It will automatically create an assembly linked to a product on an order, when there is not enough stock on hand available to complete the auto assembly request.

What happens to auto-assembled products?

Regardless of the allocation, de-allocate the assembly is created.


How do I add Assembled or Component Products?

Add a product as you normally would, see Add New in the Inventory module. However, you will also need to make sure that you enable Assemble Product, Can Auto Assembled or Component Product ticked in the check-box.


These tick-boxes will only appear if you have Production enabled.


What is a Bill of Materials?

A Bill of Materials is a list of the raw materials, (products or component parts) and the quantities of each needed to manufacture an end product.


Can I bulk create or import Bill Of Materials?

Yes, you can either clone an existing BOM or use the BOM Import template to create multiple BOM’s at once.
The BOM Import Template: Production > Import Bill Of Materials > Click on Template Link

Where does the unit cost amount come from when creating a Bill of Materials?

The value in the Unit Cost field that appears when entering a Bill of Material is the average cost of the component product as calculated by Unleashed and shown in the Details or Costs tab of each product.


How is the cost of an assembly calculated?

The value of the assembled product, also considered the cost of an assembly, is calculated by totaling the average landed cost of the components outlined on the Bill of Materials.


Can I delete a Bill of Materials (BOM) once it is completed?

You can only delete a Bill of Materials before it has been used on an assembly. After that, it cannot be deleted. 

Can I batch track / serialize products when 'Can Auto Assemble' is enabled on a Bill of Materials (BOM) ?

Yes, you can have batch tracked / serialized products associated to a 'Can Auto Assemble' BOM.  For more information, please watch our Auto-Assembly for Batch & Serial products' video.

Why can't I batch track / serialize products when 'Can Auto Disassemble' is enabled on a Bill of Materials (BOM) ?

This is currently not possible. If you wish for your products to be batch tracked / serialized you'll need to remove them from the Bill of Materials lines OR turn the 'Can Auto Disassemble' toggle OFF on the Bill of Materials. When removing a component product from any Bills of Materials, navigate to the Production tab on the specific product record and tick the 'Show Obsolete' checkbox on the top right to include any obsolete BOMs which may hold these products in them as components (and which are marked as Can Auto-Disassemble, preventing the Batch-Tracking enablement). Screenshot 2024-01-08 at 10.29.47 AM.png

Why can't a Sales Order be completed when a Product has Auto Assembled enabled?

This usually occurs when there is not enough stock on hand available against your components to complete the assembly request.


Can you reverse an assembly once it is created?

At this stage once the assembly is completed, it cannot be undone. However, there are a few workarounds;

  1. Create a second assembly to reverse this.
    This works well if you are purchasing in bulk and then splitting it into smaller quantities.
    A second assembly can put this back to the bulk quantity. This would not work for all scenarios —especially if you have multiple components.
  2. Create a Stock adjustment.
    You can create a stock adjustment, to adjust out the assembled items and then make an adjustment in for each of the components. This will send a stock journal to your account and would not be required.
The assembly quantities must always be positive, both in the amount of finished products you are creating and the components going into the finished product.
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