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Inventory FAQs


What is the difference between Stock on Hand and Available Stock?

  • Stock on Hand: The total quantity of stock you have in your business.
  • Available stock: The stock quantity that is available once the allocated stock has been deducted from the stock on hand
  • Allocated stock: The quantity allocated to open transactions (this does not include quantities on open sales orders that have already been shipped, as that quantity has already been deducted from the stock on hand)

Available stock = stock on hand - allocated stock

Use the Stock On Hand Enquiry Report to view what stock you have on hand for each product and the available amount. To calculate the "available stock" for each product, use the Product Allocations report. This displays transactions in Unleashed where products are allocated (reserved).

Why can't I Obsolete or Delete a Product?

You cannot obsolete a product if there are any associated open transactions.

  1. Go to Inventory | Products | View Products.
  2. Open and product record and click the References tab. The list of associated transactions is displayed.
  • Open Orders (Parked or Placed)
  • Parked Stock Adjustments
  • Parked Credits
  • Parked, Placed or Costed Purchases
  • Parked Supplier Returns
  • Open StockTakes
  • Draft Sales Quotes

You also cannot delete a product if used in any of the following transactions:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Quotes
  • Credits
  • Stock Adjustments
  • Stock Transactions
  • Warehouse transfers
  • Bill of Materials
This includes transactions that are in a Deleted status.

How can I Delete Multiple Products?

In this case - if the products have not yet been utilised within transactions then they are able to still be deleted. The quickest way to bulk delete these would be to select them from the "View Products" page. Here using the action cog, you would be able select > delete (please see an example of this below):

As a tip to assist with this process - you could perhaps have these products set to a specific filter such as a Product Group (which would then only show these products on the View Product page. This would then allow you to use the action cog and "select all". 

If the products have had transactions associated to them, then you would need to mark these as "Obsolete" where we could keep them for recording purposes. 

You cannot delete Products associated with any associated transactions. 

Is there an Aging Inventory Report?

No, there is no dedicated report for aging inventory. However, you can achieve similar results by showing how long it has been since a sale has been made on the Stock On Hand Enquiry report. You can do this in the form of 'Sales Days'. For more information, see Stock on Hand Enquiry.

Can I Update all Stock on Hand once it is Imported into Unleashed?

No, you cannot update bulk stock on hand values. Instead, you can:


  • Delete all stock and re-import it
You can import Stock on Hand once per product and once per warehouse. When you have performed this task, you can then;
         1. Create a stock adjustment.
        2. Perform a stocktake (providing stock is higher than 0) or you can delete all transactions.
      We do not recommend deleting transactions if you have been using Unleashed for more than a month, as it will delete all transaction data.

Can I Store Stock in Multiple Bin Locations?

  • You cannot maintain stock levels in multiple bin locations. However using Per Warehouse Controls you can specify ONE bin location per warehouse.
  • This option must be enabled in your Company Settings first.
  • You can enter multiple bin locations in the Inventory tab for each product listing.
  • You cannot report or specify which Bin Location you can pick from.
  • You can print the Bin Location. 
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