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Purchases FAQs


How do I enter a Purchase Order for a new Supplier?

  1. Go to Purchases | Purchase Orders | Add Purchase.
  2. Click Supplier Code.
  3. On the View Suppliers page, click Add Supplier.
  4. Enter the relevant supplier details and click Save.
  5. Close the Supplier Entry tab and return to the Purchase Order Entry page.
  6. Select the supplier you have just created and complete the purchase order.

How do I modify a completed purchase order?

You can create a supplier return for all purchase orders you have created, including the purchase orders with added cost lines.
  1. Go to Purchases | Supplier Returns | Add Supplier Return. For more information, see Creating a Supplier Return.

How do i change the delivery address on a purchase order?

The Delivery Address on the Purchase Order is automatically filled in with the address recorded for the selected warehouse. However, you can update this on the Settings module.

To add or update a delivery address;

  1. Go to Settings | System | Warehouse.
  2. Update the Delivery Name and Address.
If you need to change the delivery address on a purchase order, make sure the purchase order is in Parked or Placed statuses.

How do I change the Tax Rate if the Supplier is GST free?

The default tax rate that appears on the Purchase Order page when you select the Supplier Code comes from the Details tab. You can change this manually on a new Purchase Order until the time that you need to enter lines on that Purchase Order. If you need a particular product on the Purchase Order to have a different tax rate, then you must set the purchase tax rate within the actual product.
Why is the Supplier Code not displayed on my Purchase Order?
For each product in Unleashed, you can save a default supplier. In the Supplier tab for that product, you can save the Supplier Product Code. If you order the product from a supplier, other than the default supplier listed against that product, then the supplier code will not display in the Supplier Code column on the purchase order.

Can I save more than one supplier on a product?

No. However, you can order from an alternative supplier by creating a new purchase order.
How are Purchase Order totals calculated?

Purchase orders are computed for a total amount on line by line basis. Meaning;

  1. We calculate and round off the discount, tax, and subtotal value of each and every product line first and then sum them all up to compute the final transaction sub-total. 

  1. We use round-up methodology but we also limit the decimal places from 4 to 2 on each price revision i.e after adding the discount and then tax on each sale/purchase order line. 

UnitPrice = RoundTo4Dp (InclusiveUnitPrice / (1 + taxRate) 

DiscountedUnitPrice = RoundTo4Dp (ExclusiveUnitPrice * (1 - DiscountRate)) 

LineTotal = RoundTo2Dp (ExclusiveDiscountedUnitPrice * Quantity) 

LineTax = RoundTo2Dp (ExclusiveLineTotal * TaxRate) 

TaxTotal = SUM(all LineTaxes) 

SubTotal = SUM(all ExclusiveLineTotals) 

Total = TaxTotal + SubTotal 

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