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Change Log - 2019


16th December

Mobile Sales App Improvements

  • There is a new Settings screen with a few other UI updates -
    • Values in Dashboard are displayed fully
    • Editable fields are highlighted in the Edit Order screen
  • A few bugs fixes have been released too.

9th December

Mobile Sales App Improvements

  • UI updates:
    • More intuitive Orders List
    • iOS - second state on Dashboard boxes to indicate navigation to another screen
  • Bug fixes:
    • Consistent product prices on SalesApp and Unleashed
    • Updating delivery address when changing customers
    • Uploading duplicated orders from Customer Details screen

4th December

Assigning Serial and Batch numbers on a Sales Shipment

You are now able to assign Serial and Batch numbers at the Sales Shipment stage instead of just at the Sales Order stage.
There is no change to your business process if it requires the Serial and Batch numbers to be pre-selected at the Sales Order and prior to the creation of a Sales Shipment.
However, it is no longer compulsory that the Sales Order have these selected and a Sales Shipment can be generated without them.
For additional information, please see the Help page.

QuickBooks migration to oAuth2.0

Our Unleashed QBO integration has now been upgraded to oAuth2.0 which increases the security between applications without requiring you to share passwords. While there is no behavior change to the integration, this will require action from you. 

You can find instructions here

20th November

Delivery Dates per line of a Purchase Order

  • The PO has a clickable link that enables you to go to the SO
  • A Delivery Date column has been added to the PO which enables you to assign different delivery dates to each product line
  • Enables the ability to display the delivery date on the PO in the Document Designer  

Mobile Sales App Improvements

  • After a sync, the user is taken back to the Dashboard page
  • UI updates:
    • Consistent carousel behavior on iOS and Android
    • Improved display of values and image
  • Bug fixes:
    • Consistent values such as discount values, Product List after a manual sync and product price

19th November

Mobile Sales App Improvements

  • New Dashboard displaying Order Status and New Customer Details tab for customer information
  • Product availability per warehouse is now displayed
  • Ability to edit Draft Orders right away - removed View mode
  • Consistent email implementation between Mobile Sales App and Unleashed
  • UI updates:
    • Consistent look and feel for View, New Order and Edit Order screens
    • Main Product List displays images in thumbnail format
    • Product Details screen now displays all product images
  • Message updates:
    • User-friendly error messages
    • Successfully sent orders to Unleashed
    • Draft orders with obsoleted products and/or warehouse
  • Bug fixes:
    • Screen redirect after SO creation
    • Manually entered price reflected across tabs
    • Navigation issues on Android

13th November

Sales Order GUID in the SalesShipment API endpoint

Calls to the SalesShipment Endpoint will return the SO GUID as part of the response.   

11th November

Warning when cloning BOMs 

When cloning an existing BOM and choosing a product that already has a BOM created for it, a warning message will be displayed.  

5th November

Mobile Sales App Improvements

  • Totals are now displayed tax exclusive
  • Ability to create a Salesperson upon login
  • Display Currency Code instead of "$" symbol
  • Customer search includes searching the Customer Code on "My Customers" tab
  • OS versions supported:
    • iOS 11 and up
    • Android 7 and up

Prompt for component recalculation on assemblies

When changing the assembled quantity in an assembly, you will now be prompted with a pop-up screen where you can decide whether you want that change to reflect in your component numbers or not. The Assembly help files have also been updated and can be seen here

4th November

Uninvoiced in the Backorder Enquiry Report

There is a new column in the Backorder Enquiry Report called "Uninvoiced" which shows the Total Amount the user still needs to invoice in the corresponding Sales Order (SO). This column is hidden by default and can be displayed by adding it in from the Hidden Columns.

If the SO is empty (no product lines), the field will be left blank. If the SO is still open but fully invoiced, it will display 0.00.


You have full visibility of your assembly line on one screen; which helps with forecasting the number of units that can be assembled and increases transparency on the production process.  

23rd October

Cascading Product ordering from BOMs to Assemblies

As of today, Bills of Materials that have the "Sort by Product Code" toggle on will have that configuration cascade into assemblies and sub-assemblies created from them.

21st October

Link Purchase Orders created from Sales Orders

If a Purchase Order is created to fulfil a Sales Order, a trolley icon will appear to the left of the Quantity ordered on the Sales Order line.  Click on the trolley to link to the Purchase Order.  

14th October

Amazon Tax Import

There is now a new way to handle tax when importing your orders from Amazon into Unleashed: bringing tax as a Charge Line in your sales order.

This is configured via the Integration Store in the tax section, and you can read more about it here.

9th October

Serial Number Allocation

Warning icons and tooltip messages will display alongside serial numbers that are allocated to other orders as well as a link to the Serial Number Enquiry report.

Serial number allocation now shows up to 1000 serial numbers ordered by the oldest stock.  

Serial Number Credits

The same serial number can no longer be credited back on an invoice more than once.

7th October

Serial and Batch Numbers on Sales Invoices

Automatic population of serial and batch numbers when creating a standard Sales Invoice from a Sales Order has been re-instated.

Amazon Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Update 

As of 8th of October 2019, Amazon will stop sending Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as customer names and addresses for orders that are Fulfilled By Amazon. For users of our Amazon integration, this could mean a change in your workflow and configurations. You can read more about it here.


30th September

Ability to create partial invoices to handle deposits

You now have the ability to create invoices that cover a percentage of the full amount. This is helpful when handling deposits you need to collect from your customer. Read more about it here


9th September

Mobile Sales App for Android

Unleashed's Sales App for Android phones is now available.  For more information please see here.

Mobile Sales App Improvements

  • Customer search includes searching the Customer Code
  • Fetch only My Customer's Sales Orders
  • Sales Channel set to "Mobile" when creating Sales Orders via App
  • Comments can be added to Sales Order lines
  • Display all available Product images

2nd September

1. Auto-Assemblies can now be edited

From now on, assemblies triggered by "Can Auto Assemble" Bills of Materials will no longer be locked in many fields so you can cater to small changes in your production needs. Please find below the fields we have unlocked and a screenshot comparing both behaviours:

- Assemble by Date: no longer locked. Additional improvement: now the assemble by date will be populated with the S.O. required by date
- Assemble Qty: no longer locked
- Adding components: no longer locked

2. Helpful Links on the Assembly Page

Also in the assembly transactions, we have included helpful links to facilitate the browsing around your transactions. Those include links to the Sales Order that originated an Auto Assembly and the corresponding Bill of Materials. Please see below:



3. Amazon US "Ignore Tax on Sales Orders" Setting

This is part of a series of releases we are having to better handle taxes in the US marketplace of Amazon. As per the screenshot below, we have introduced a setting to completely bypass the tax of your sales when handling Amazon orders within Unleashed. This is a good fit for users who use our Amazon integration with the US marketplace and who do not require tracking their tax liability through Unleashed -> Accounting Provider. When this is enabled we will not set the sales order line tax during order import.


12th August

Serial and Batch number assignment on other transactions

The behaviour that was previously available for batch and serial number selection on Sales Orders has now been released to all other transactions in the system.

This includes Purchase Orders and Supplier Returns, Stock Adjustments and Credit Notes. When you are prompted to inform batch or serial numbers, you will see a pop-up window that will facilitate the management of the information.


29th July

Label Printing from Sales Orders

Sales | Orders | View Sales Order

Customers | View Customers | Orders (tab)

Label Printing is now available from the action cog in the Sales Order View and from the Customer Orders tab:label1.png

For multiple product labels, you can download individual PDF files or all the label files as a ZIP file:


For more information, refer to Label Printing.


Create Empty Stock Count

Inventory | Transactions | Stock Counts

To facilitate importing a CSV stock count, you can now create an empty stock count with no product detail:


For more information, refer to Create Stock Count.


8th July

Import Sales Order - Sales Order Group and Salesperson added

Sales | Orders | Export Sales Order

Sales | Orders | Import Sales Order

The Sales Order Group and Sales Person Email have been added to the export and import template for Sales Order.

Sales Person Email - if present, will validate the email address against existing Sales Person entries in Unleashed (set up in Settings | System | Sales Persons)
Sales Order Group - if present, will validate the name against existing Sales Order Group entries in Unleashed (set up in Settings | System | Sales Groups)

Both of these fields are optional, so if left blank, the fields will not be populated in the Sales Order.

For more information, refer Import Sales Order field definition


3rd July

Delivery Instructions Field

Within your Sales | Orders there is a new field called Delivery Instructions. 

This field is specifically used to store customers detailed delivery instructions. 
Delivery Instructions.png

You will need to add this new field to your Templates.

If you would like to see Delivery Instructions on your documents, you will need to add this field to the Doc Designer on the following templates: Sales Order, Invoice, Ship-note and Packing Slip

For example, to add this field to your Sale Order Template:

Head to Settings | Doc Designer | Sales Orders. From here you can add Delivery Instructions to your Sales Order Template.

Doc Designer.png

Drag the 'Delivery Instructions' column into your Document Template to ensure customers delivery instructions will appear on your documentation. 

For more information on how to customise your templates, please see our Doc Designer Help File

24 June

View Shipments Page

Within your Sales | Orders there is a new View Shipments page. 

  • A single page list of all Sales Shipments that have been created.
  • Allows you to filter through Sales Shipments at any status, location, date, Shipping Company, Sales Order.  

You will still be able to see Shipments assigned to orders through each individual Sales Order. 

When creating a Sales Shipment from a Sales Order, you will be redirected to a new page. You will be able to return to the Sales Order by clicking the link back to the SO above the SS number. 

SS SO.png


17 June

B2B Portal

B2B Guest Access (Premium)

  • Allow potential customers to browse through your B2B store without needing login details. 
  • Head to your B2B Store | Settings | General | Guest Access.
    • Toggling on this feature will allow potential customers to browse through your product catalog without a login. 
    • Toggling on the price will show your guest users your product default sell price(s). 

Printed Status

When you print documentation it will be time stamped under the 'Created By' and 'Last Modified By' records for the following:

  • Purchase Orders
  • Supplier Returns
  • Stock Adjustments
  • Warehouse Transfers
  • Stock Counts (triggered when Variance is printed)
  • Assembly/Disassembly
  • Sales Quotes
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Invoices
  • Sales Shipments
  • Credits
  • You will also be able to filter by Printed Status for;
    • View Purchases
    • View Supplier Returns
    • View Assemblies
    • View Quotes
    • View Sales Orders
    • View Credits
    • Shipment Enquiry
    • Invoice Enquiry

Lead Time - Supplier and Product Records

  • A lead time field will be available in the supplier record.
  • When a Purchase Order is created for this supplier, the delivery date will be automated.

Show Discount Pricing

Within this improvement, we have the ability to Show Discounts within Sales Orders and Sales Quotes. Under the Customer Pricing tab, you can enable Show Discount. Within a Sales Order/Quote the customer will be shown the Unit Price, Percentage Discount given and then Final Price they will be charged.

This can be amended with the import/export csv file.


Quantity Discounts on Sell Price Tiers

On the Quantity Price and Customer Pricing tabs, we have added a dropdown field to choose what price the discount is calculated from. The new field is called Discount From.

This can be amended with the import/export csv file.


20 May

Quick Action Search Bar

  • Quick search your submenu through the keyboard shortcut [control] [ . ]. 
  • From here you can search through any of your submenu headings. 

Quick Action Search Bar(1).png

  • Please note: you will not be able to search for individual Customers, Suppliers, Sales Orders, Sales Quotes or Purchase Orders.  

29 April

B2B Portal

Custom Homepage - Premium Feature

  • Showcase your brand’s unique personality on your B2B eCommerce Store. You can now create and customise your Store with a homepage that includes a carousel banner, popular products, and featured categories of your choice.
  • For more information, see B2B Custom Homepage.

Content Pages

  • Flexible content pages give you the opportunity to tell customers about important information, such as terms and conditions, privacy policies and shipping information.
  • For more information, Content Pages.

Production | Assemblies | View Assemblies

  • Added Bulk Action Cog with the following actions: Select All, Select None, Print, Complete, Delete. Note: If you have customized your grid layout, you must add this column to your grid from the Hidden Columns list and save. For more information about customizing grids, see  Customizing grid columns.

  • Added Line Action Cog with the following actions: Complete, Print, Delete.

12 April

Label Printing

  • You can print product labels from the View Purchases, Purchase Orders, Receipt Purchase and Assembly page.
  • For more information, see Label Printing.

Doc Designer | Labels: New components added

  • Bin Location
  • Default Sell Price
  • Pack Size
  • Product Notes
  • Serial / Batch Number
  • Weight
  • Batch Expiry Date
  • Cubic Total
  • Product Group
  • Sell Price Tier

For more information, see Label Template.

8 April

Xero Tracking Categories

  • You can now pass tracking category data for your Sales Journals
  • The Xero Tracking Categories configuration section has been updated to cater to Sales Orders, Sales Journal and Purchase Orders.

More information, see Xero Tracking Categories

25 March

Sales Order | Delivery Contact

Sales | Order | Add Sales Order.  A new field, Delivery Contact, has been added to the Sales Order. Select the appropriate Delivery Contact for the Sales Order based on the Contacts you have created for your Customer. If you need to add a new Contact, click on "Delivery Contact" to link to that Customer's Contacts Tab.

11 March

B2B Portal

Standing Orders - Premium Feature

  • If your customers are ordering the same items daily, weekly or monthly, encourage them to save time by creating recurring orders on the B2B Portal using the Standing Orders feature.
  • For more information about creating standing orders, see Creating Standing Orders.
  • For more information about the Administration for Standing Orders, see Standing Orders Admin.

Email Templates

  • You can enable email notifications for your customers for different order statuses.
  • You can customize the email templates and order status for the orders placed on your B2B Store. This is a Premium Feature.
  • For more information, see Email Settings.

Bulk Import Orders - Premium Feature

4 March


  • Integration | Configuration: Sales Group Default. You can now select a default Sales Group to all imported Sales Order


  • Integration | Configuration: Sales Group Default. You can now select a default Sales Group to all imported Sales Order

Warehouse Transfer

  • Import Document. You can now add comments to your Warehouse Transfer import file. This includes transaction-level comments and line level comments.

25 February


  • Connection Log: A new search field has been added to allow filtering of data

18 February

Production | Assemblies

  • Completed Assemblies: You can now add/update comments against completed assemblies.


  • Integration | Manage Your Date: Export Stock On Hand Data. You now have the option of manually triggering the export of stock on hand from Unleashed to Vend.

Doc Designer | All Templates

  • New component for All templates: Trading Name. Will be hidden by default

11 February

B2B Portal

  • Settings | Product Details: New Import Settings drop-down list. You can select the status for products when they are imported from Unleashed to the B2B Portal.
  • Order History: New Order Status drop-down list for filtering the Orders list.
  • Settings | Customers: New filters: Currency and Status.

  • Settings | Products: New columns: Categories and Catalogs.

  • Bulk Import Products and Customers from Unleashed to the B2B Portal:Go to Unleashed Integration Store | B2B Portal | Configure | Manage Products or Manage Customers and choose the required option as displayed in the figure.

Doc Designer | All Templates

  • New Line component added to the Toolbox.


  • Inventory | Products | Sale tab: You can specify a minimum sale quantity for Sales Orders at a product level.
  • When you add the product to a sales order, a warning message will be displayed if you enter a value less than the minimum sale quantity set for the product.
  • For more information, see Sale Tab.
  • Import/Export template: New column: Minimum Sale Quantity. For more information, see Import Products field definitions.

30 January

Doc Designer | All Templates

  • Additional font sizes: 6 and 7
  • New style for Text components: Text Orientation. Options available are: Rotate Left, Rotate Right, and Upside Down.
  • New style for Image components: Image Orientation. Options available are: Rotate Left, Rotate Right, and Upside Down. 

Doc Designer | Labels

  • New style for BarcodeImage: Barcode Orientation. Options available are: Rotate Left, Rotate Right, and Upside Down.

16 January

Doc Designer | Invoice Template

  • Renamed the existing OrderQuantity component to InvoiceQuantity. Will be visible by default.
  • Added a new component: OrderQuantity. Will be Hidden by default.

9 January


  • If you use the ORDERS - FULFILLED BY AMAZON option for Amazon guest checkouts without specifying an email id, Unleashed will create a customer in the following format: <store name> FBA <currency> Amazon Guests.
  • For more information, see Amazon Configuration
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