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Change Log - 2017


6 December

Xero: Notifications will be displayed for failed exports.

API Changes:

  • Stock on Hand Endpoint:  New filter - productId.
  • For more information, see StockOnHand.
  • Products Endpoint: New filters - excludeAssembled and excludeComponents.
  • For more information, see Products.

27 November

Xero: The Sales Order - Supplier Reference Number field value will be appended to the Reference field in Xero.


22 November

API Changes

  • New Endpoint:/ProductPrices to return product pricing information.
  • For more information, see Product Prices.


15 November

Manage Accounts: You can switch between accounts using the <Company Name> drop-down list within your Unleashed account. Simply click on your Company's Name, located on the top left hand side of the screen within your Unleashed account, to access the drop-down list.


13 November

View Sales Orders

  • New grid columns: Tax Total and Total.
  • New bulk action cog actions: Print Packing Slips and Print Ship Notes.

6 November

Doc Designer

  • All: Added Total Weight and Total Volume.

1 November

Doc Designer

  • Invoices:
    • Company Data - Added Physical Address Name and Postal Address Name.
    • Customer Data - Added Customer Address Name.


  • You can add or remove lines from a sales shipment.

25 October

Doc Designer

  • All: Added the Product Image component to display the default product image.
  • Picklists: Added ComponentProducts component to display breakdown of kitted/auto-assembled products.

Unit Sales Enquiry Report

  • Added Date From and Date To fields. 

Add Quote/Sales Order

  • You can add a new Charge Line by pressing the Enter/Return key.

Product Import

  • If you enter the Supplier Code, it is mandatory to enter the Supplier Name. For more information, see Importing Products.

16 October

Quantity Price Breaks

11 October

Add Sales Order

  • If you create a purchase order from the Sales Order page, Purchase Quantity will now be calculated based on the Available Quantity.


View Credits

  • Added Sales Order Customer Ref to the Hidden Columns list.

9 October

Doc Designer

  • New template added for Warehouse Transfers.
  • Added Print Serial Numbers and Print Batch Numbers checkbox in the Assemblies, Packing Slips, and Warehouse Transfer templates. For more information, see Document Designer.

API Changes

  • For products with serial numbers and batch numbers, the GET Products endpoint will display the IsSerialized and IsBatchTracked fields.
  • Added ability to purchase Extra API Calls.

2 October

New Role Permissions

  • Sales Invoice: This can be configured from Settings | Security | Role Permissions | Sales | Sales Invoice.
    • Prevents invoices from being created.
    • Hides Invoice tab on Sales Order page.
    • Hides Invoice and Bulk Invoice actions on Sales Order List page.
    • Prevents printing of invoice related documents.
  • Complete Sales Order: This can be configured from Settings | Security | Role Permissions | Sales | Complete Sales Order.
    • Prevents sales orders from being directly completed (i.e. via Sales Order Update, Sales Order List pages).
  • Sales Shipment: This can be configured from Settings | Security | Role Permissions | Sales | Sales Shipment.
    • Prevents shipments from being created or viewed.
    • Hides Shipment tab on Sales Order page.
    • Hides shipment related actions on Sales Order List page.
    • Prevents printing of shipment related documents.

Changes to existing Role Permissions

The Sales Order > Unit Price role permission has been renamed to Sales Order Pricing. This can be configured from Settings | Security | Sales | Sales Order Pricing.

  • Setting this permission to inaccessible hides all pricing from Sales Orders.
    • Discount % from Sales Order Header.
    • Price/Discount/Sub Total from Add Line.
    • Unit Price/Discount/Disc. Price/Line Total from Sales Order Lines grid.
    • Charges components entirely.
    • All Totals from Sales Orders.
    • All pricing from Printed reports (should display 0).
    • Prevents editing of Sales Order Lines.
    • Removes the bulk action column on Sales Order Lines.
    • Removes the delete action column on Sales Order Lines (Note: You can still add Sales Order Lines).
  • Setting this permission to inaccessible also hides the Sub Total column and Total Sales Order value from View Sales Orders.

API Changes

  • Stock Adjustments endpoint
    • GET: Batch and Serial Numbers will be displayed for completed stock adjustments.
    • POST: BatchNumbers and SerialNumbers fields added for StockAdjustmentsLine.
    • For more information, see StockAdjustments.

20 September

Doc Designer

  • Template preview is now available even if there are no existing transactions.
  • Purchase Orders | Purchase Lines grid: You can add the Bin Location column available on the Component tab.

Add Sales Order

  • A tooltip will be displayed next to the Customer Reference field for duplicate records. You can click on the tooltip to open the existing sales order with the same customer reference.


  • If you select the Stop Credit checkbox, you will not be able to create or complete Sales Orders.

11 September

Trial Data

  • You can choose to add example data or your own data for the Trial Account.
  • You can manage your trial data using the Trial Data Management page.
  • You can choose what trial data you want to retain or delete when you subscribe to Unleashed.
  • For more information, see Trial AccountSubscribe To Unleashed, and Account FAQs.

API Improvements

Purchase Orders Endpoint 
One new list/collection added to the /PurchaseOrders endpoint:

  • SalesOrders: A list of orders that are linked to a PurchaseOrder. The Guid and OrderNumber for every SalesOrder linked to a PurchaseOrder will be returned in the list/collection.
  • For more information, see PurchaseOrders.

Bill of Materials Endpoint 
Two new fields added to the /BillOfMaterials endpoint:

  • TotalCost: The total cost of the Bill of Material. One value will be returned as part of the BillOfMaterial.
  • TotalLineCost: The total cost of the BillOfMaterialsLine. This is the Quantity of the line multiplied by the cost of the product.
  • For more information, see BillOfMaterials.

Customers Endpoint 
Three new fields and four additional filters added to the /Customers response. The new fields are:

  • TaxRate: Rate of the default tax selected on the customer.
  • TaxCode: Code of the default tax selected on the customer.
  • IsDefault: Returned as part of the Addresses for a customer and will be True for the default delivery address.

The new filters are:

  • customerType
  • sellPriceTier
  • currency
  • customer 

For more information, see Customers.

Products Endpoint 
One new list/collection and two new filters added to the /Products endpoint.

  • The list/collection will be called Images and will contain a list of all images uploaded to a product.
  • The two new filters will allow you to filter the responses by productId and productGroup.
  • For more information, see Products.

SalesOrders Endpoint 

  • Added a new filter to only return orders for a specified customerId.
  • For more information, see SalesOrders.

Invoices Endpoint - NEW ENDPOINT 

  • A new endpoint /Invoices to return Sales Invoice information. This is not to be confused with the existing endpoints returning Sales Order information.
  • For more information, see Invoices.

Supplier Returns Endpoint - NEW ENDPOINT 

  • A new endpoint /SupplierReturns to return Supplier Return information. Various filters can be used with the endpoint e.g. Purchase Order Number and Supplier Code.
  • For more information, see Supplier Returns.

Sales Quotes Endpoint - NEW ENDPOINT 

  • A new endpoint /SalesQuotes to return Sales Quote information. Various filters can be used with the endpoint e.g.customerCode, quoteStatus, modifiedSince, etc.
  • For more information, see SalesQuotes.

Sell Price Tiers Endpoint - NEW ENDPOINT 

  • A new endpoint /SellPriceTiers to return the names of all available Sell Price Tiers.
  • For more information, see SellPriceTiers.

For more information, see API Changes.


4 September

Never Diminishing Products

  • You can add never diminishing products to a Bill of Materials, Assemblies, and Disassemblies.
  • If you have an accounting provider integration with Unleashed, a new Expense Account drop-down list will be available ONLY for Never Diminishing products.
  • The Expense Account field values are retrieved from the linked accounts in the Accounting provider. Ensure that you select the correct account you want to link.
  • When you complete an assembly or disassembly, a journal will be passed to the integrated accounting provider.
  • For more information, see Never Diminishing Products, Add Bill of Materials, Import Assemblies and Bill Of MaterialsAdd Assemblies & Sub-Assemblies, and Disassembly.

9 August

View Purchases

24 July

Exporting Purchase Order Costs to Xero

  • Purchase Order costs from different Suppliers with the same Reference, will be exported separately.
  • Purchase Order costs for the same supplier will  be included with the Purchase Order total and not exported separately.

4 July

Customer Pricing is available on the Mobile App. For more information, see Unleashed Mobile App.


21 June

Customer Pricing

  • Available on Medium, Large, and Large Plus subscriptions.
  • You can add or import customer specific product prices.
  • The customer specific product prices will be displayed in Red font with tooltips on Sales Orders and Sales Quotes.
  • New Role Permission added: Customer Pricing. This can be configured from Settings | Security | Role Permissions | Sales | Customer.
  • API Updates - Products Endpoint
    • Added a new filter: CustomerCode and new field: CustomerSellPrice.
    • For more information, see Products.

7 June

Customer Reminders

  • You can add a reminder which will be displayed each time the customer is selected on a Sales Quote or Sales Order. 
  • Reminder column added to the Import Customers template.

Product Details tooltips on Sales Order lines.

Availability column added 
  • Advanced Product Search dialog
  • Product Search auto-complete drop-down list for Sales Order

31 May

Warehouse Transfer Import

  • You can import warehouse transfers using the Unleashed template.
  • New Role Permission added: Warehouse Stock Transfer Import.
  • For more information, see Import Warehouse Transfers

Price List Enquiry Report

  • New columns: Image and Qty on Hand

29 May


  • Available on Medium, Large, and Large Plus subscriptions.
  • You can use single or bulk scanning of product barcodes for the following processes: Receipting Purchase Orders, Stock Counts, and Sales Shipments.
  • For more information, see Barcoding.

15 May


View purchases

  • New filters: Supplier Reference and Sales Order No
  • New columns: Costing Sub Total and Sub Total

Add Assembly, Add Bill of Materials, Add Disassembly, and Production Enquiry

  • List of products will be displayed in the format: [ProductCode] - Product Description [Barcode].
  • Product Search will only return Assembled and/or Component products.

Product Image Preview will be displayed for the following grid areas:

  • Assemblies
  • Disassemblies
  • Bill of Materials
  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Quotes

8 May

Stock On Hand Enquiry Report

  • New columns:
    • Price Tiers column with tool tip to display detailed prices
    • Supplier Code
    • Supplier Name
    • Unit 
  • New filters: Supplier Code and Supplier Name

Completed Sales Orders and Sales Invoices

  • The following fields will remain enabled and can be edited:
    • Customer Reference
    • Delivery Method
    • Delivery Details
    • Salesperson
    • Sales Order Group
    • Comments

1 May

Purchase Order Recosting

  • Available on Medium, Large, and Large Plus subscriptions.
  • You can add purchase order costs on the "Add Purchase" page. The Add Purchase Cost menu is not available. 
  • New status called "Receipted" is now available. You can add more purchase costs if required when a purchase order is in Receipted status. Note: You cannot add costs to a Complete purchase order.
  • For more information, see Add Purchase  and Receipt Purchase.

Purchase Order

  • Serial and batch numbers are displayed for Receipted and Complete purchase orders.

26 April

Auto Set Receipt Quantity option

  • Receipt Purchase page: You can select the checkbox available on the Receipt Quantity column to automatically set the receipt quantity to match the order quantity.
  • You can also choose the default behaviour of this option from the Company settings page. For more information, see Company Settings.

19 April

View Customers & View Products Pages

  • Added a bulk action cog with the following actions:
    • Select All
    • Select None
    • Delete
    • Obsolete
  • Added email address column to hidden columns (Customers only).
  • Added Delete and Obsolete items in existing action cog.

Added new items in Action cog on the View Sales Order Page:

  • Complete
  • Delete
  • Invoice

Credit Notes

  • Credit Notes are now shown when filtering by Salesperson on the Margin Enquiry.

12 April

API updates: New "brief" filter added to the PurchaseOrders endpoint.  


10 April

Customer Import/Export

  • You can import/export customers, delivery addresses, and customer contacts from the Customers | Import/Export menu.
  • The Customers template file has two new fields: Invoicing Contact and Shipping Contact.
  • For more information, see Import Customers.

Quickbooks Integration

  • Ensure that the Display Name attribute in QuickBooks is unique for all customers and suppliers. 

27 March

Attribute Sets

  • You can create attribute sets made up of attributes and assign these sets to products.
  • For more information, see Attribute Sets.

API Updates

  • New endpoint added: AttributeSets.
  • For more information, see AttributeSets.

Doc Designer

  • Added Print Serial Numbers and Print Batch Numbers checkbox in the Invoices, Picklists, Ship Notes and Sales Orders templates. For more information, see Document Designer.

20 March


  • Configuration tab: New field Auto Publish to Online Store added.
  • Select this option if you want new products added in Unleashed to be visible in your Shopify store.
  • For more information, see The Shopify Integration Setup.

API updates

Additional Address Line

  • An additional address line is available for company, customers, delivery addresses, suppliers, sales quotes, sales orders, purchase orders, warehouses, import/export, and doc designer templates.

22 February

Quickbooks Integration

  • The Description field in Quickbooks will display the "Product Code + Description" for all transactions passed from Unleashed to Quickbooks.

20 February

API updates

  • New ImageUrl field added to the Products endpoint.
  • For more information, see Products.

Quickbooks Integration

  • The DisplayName field in Quickbooks can be mapped to the Customer Code/Customer Name and Supplier Code/Supplier Name field in Unleashed.

13 February

Doc Designer

1 February

Shopify Multi-Store Integration

  • Available on Medium, Large, and Large Plus subscriptions.
  • You can integrate up to a maximum of 5 Shopify stores.
  • For more information, see Shopify Integration Introduction.

16 January

Doc Designer

API updates

  • You can filter Customers and Products by the Created On column in ascending or descending order.
  • For more information, see Customers and Products

You can now search for customers by mobile number.

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