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Change Log - 2017


6 December

Xero: Notifications will be displayed for failed exports.

API Changes:

  • Stock on Hand Endpoint:  New filter - productId.
  • For more information, see StockOnHand.
  • Products Endpoint: New filters - excludeAssembled and excludeComponents.
  • For more information, see Products.

27 November

Xero: The Sales Order - Supplier Reference Number field value will be appended to the Reference field in Xero.


22 November

API Changes

  • New Endpoint:/ProductPrices to return product pricing information.
  • For more information, see Product Prices.


15 November

Manage Accounts: You can switch between accounts using the <Company Name> drop-down list (click to expand/collapse screenshot).


13 November

View Sales Orders

  • New grid columns: Tax Total and Total.
  • New bulk action cog actions: Print Packing Slips and Print Ship Notes.

6 November

Doc Designer

  • All: Added Total Weight and Total Volume.

1 November

Doc Designer

  • Invoices:
    • Company Data - Added Physical Address Name and Postal Address Name.
    • Customer Data - Added Customer Address Name.


  • You can add or remove lines from a sales shipment.

25 October

Doc Designer

  • All: Added the Product Image component to display the default product image.
  • Picklists: Added ComponentProducts component to display breakdown of kitted/auto-assembled products.

Unit Sales Enquiry Report

  • Added Date From and Date To fields. 

Add Quote/Sales Order

  • You can add a new Charge Line by pressing the Enter/Return key.

Product Import

  • If you enter the Supplier Code, it is mandatory to enter the Supplier Name. For more information, see Importing Products.

16 October

Quantity Price Breaks

11 October

Add Sales Order

View Credits

  • Added Sales Order Customer Ref to the Hidden Columns list.

9 October

Doc Designer

  • New template added for Warehouse Transfers.
  • Added Print Serial Numbers and Print Batch Numbers checkbox in the Assemblies, Packing Slips, and Warehouse Transfer templates. For more information, see Document Designer - Template tab.

API Changes

  • For products with serial numbers and batch numbers, the GET Products endpoint will display the IsSerialized and IsBatchTracked fields.
  • Added ability to purchase Extra API Calls.

2 October

New Role Permissions

  • Sales Invoice: This can be configured from Settings | Security | Role Permissions | Sales | Sales Invoice.
    • Prevents invoices from being created.
    • Hides Invoice tab on Sales Order page.
    • Hides Invoice and Bulk Invoice actions on Sales Order List page.
    • Prevents printing of invoice related documents.
  • Complete Sales Order: This can be configured from Settings | Security | Role Permissions | Sales | Complete Sales Order.
    • Prevents sales orders from being directly completed (i.e. via Sales Order Update, Sales Order List pages).
  • Sales Shipment: This can be configured from Settings | Security | Role Permissions | Sales | Sales Shipment.
    • Prevents shipments from being created or viewed.
    • Hides Shipment tab on Sales Order page.
    • Hides shipment related actions on Sales Order List page.
    • Prevents printing of shipment related documents.

Changes to existing Role Permissions

The Sales Order > Unit Price role permission has been renamed to Sales Order Pricing. This can be configured from Settings | Security | Sales | Sales Order Pricing.

  • Setting this permission to inaccessible hides all pricing from Sales Orders.
    • Discount % from Sales Order Header.
    • Price/Discount/Sub Total from Add Line.
    • Unit Price/Discount/Disc. Price/Line Total from Sales Order Lines grid.
    • Charges components entirely.
    • All Totals from Sales Orders.
    • All pricing from Printed reports (should display 0).
    • Prevents editing of Sales Order Lines.
    • Removes the bulk action column on Sales Order Lines.
    • Removes the delete action column on Sales Order Lines (Note: You can still add Sales Order Lines).
  • Setting this permission to inaccessible also hides the Sub Total column and Total Sales Order value from View Sales Orders.

API Changes

20 September

Doc Designer

  • Template preview is now available even if there are no existing transactions.
  • Purchase Orders | Purchase Lines grid: You can add the Bin Location column available on the Component tab.

Add Sales Order

  • A tooltip will be displayed next to the Customer Reference field for duplicate records. You can click on the tooltip to open the existing sales order with the same customer reference.


  • If you select the Stop Credit checkbox, you will not be able to create or complete Sales Orders.

11 September

Trial Data

  • You can choose to add example data or your own data for the Trial Account.
  • You can manage your trial data using the Trial Data Management page.
  • You can choose what trial data you want to retain or delete when you subscribe to Unleashed.
  • For more information, see Trial AccountSubscribe To Unleashed, and Account FAQs.

API Improvements

Purchase Orders Endpoint 
One new list/collection added to the /PurchaseOrders endpoint:

  • SalesOrders: A list of orders that are linked to a PurchaseOrder. The Guid and OrderNumber for every SalesOrder linked to a PurchaseOrder will be returned in the list/collection.
  • For more information, see Purchase Orders.

Bill of Materials Endpoint 
Two new fields added to the /BillOfMaterials endpoint:

  • TotalCost: The total cost of the Bill of Material. One value will be returned as part of the BillOfMaterial.
  • TotalLineCost: The total cost of the BillOfMaterialsLine. This is the Quantity of the line multiplied by the cost of the product.
  • For more information, see Bill Of Materials.

Customers Endpoint 
Three new fields and four additional filters added to the /Customers response. The new fields are:

  • TaxRate: Rate of the default tax selected on the customer.
  • TaxCode: Code of the default tax selected on the customer.
  • IsDefault: Returned as part of the Addresses for a customer and will be True for the default delivery address.

The new filters are:

  • customerType
  • sellPriceTier
  • currency
  • customer 

For more information, see Customers.

Products Endpoint 
One new list/collection and two new filters added to the /Products endpoint.

  • The list/collection will be called Images and will contain a list of all images uploaded to a product.
  • The two new filters will allow you to filter the responses by productId and productGroup.
  • For more information, see Products.

SalesOrders Endpoint 

  • Added a new filter to only return orders for a specified customerId.
  • For more information, see SalesOrders.

Invoices Endpoint - NEW ENDPOINT 

  • A new endpoint /Invoices to return Sales Invoice information. This is not to be confused with the existing endpoints returning Sales Order information.
  • For more information, see Invoices.

Supplier Returns Endpoint - NEW ENDPOINT 

  • A new endpoint /SupplierReturns to return Supplier Return information. Various filters can be used with the endpoint e.g. Purchase Order Number and Supplier Code.
  • For more information, see Supplier Returns.

Sales Quotes Endpoint - NEW ENDPOINT 

  • A new endpoint /SalesQuotes to return Sales Quote information. Various filters can be used with the endpoint e.g.customerCode, quoteStatus, modifiedSince, etc.
  • For more information, see SalesQuotes.

Sell Price Tiers Endpoint - NEW ENDPOINT 

  • A new endpoint /SellPriceTiers to return the names of all available Sell Price Tiers.
  • For more information, see SellPriceTiers.

For more information, see API Changes.


4 September

Never Diminishing Products

  • You can add never diminishing products to a Bill of Materials, Assemblies, and Disassemblies.
  • If you have an accounting provider integration with Unleashed, a new Expense Account drop-down list will be available ONLY for Never Diminishing products.
  • The Expense Account field values are retrieved from the linked accounts in the Accounting provider. Ensure that you select the correct account you want to link.
  • When you complete an assembly or disassembly, a journal will be passed to the integrated accounting provider.
  • For more information, see Never Diminishing ProductsTutorialBill of Materials, Import/Export Bill of MaterialsAssembly, and Disassembly.

9 August

View Purchases

  • Added Total column to the Hidden Columns list.
  • For more information, see Currency Columns.

24 July

Exporting Purchase Order Costs to Xero

  • Purchase Order costs from different Suppliers with the same Reference, will be exported separately.
  • Purchase Order costs for the same supplier will  be included with the Purchase Order total and not exported separately.

4 July

Customer Pricing is available on the Mobile App. For more information, see Unleashed Mobile App Customer Pricing.

21 June

Customer Pricing

  • Available on Medium, Large, and Large Plus subscriptions.
  • You can add or import customer specific product prices.
  • The customer specific product prices will be displayed in Red font with tooltips on Sales Orders and Sales Quotes.
  • New Role Permission added: Customer Pricing. This can be configured from Settings | Security | Role Permissions | Sales | Customer.
  • For more information, see Customer Pricing Tab, Customer Pricing Tutorial, and Customer Import/Export.
  • API Updates - Products Endpoint

7 June

Customer Reminders

  • You can add a reminder which will be displayed each time the customer is selected on a Sales Quote or Sales Order. 
  • Reminder column added to the Customer Import template.
  • For more information, see Customer Details Tab.

Product Details tooltips on Sales Order lines (Click to expand/collapse screenshot).

Availability column added 
  • Advanced Product Search dialog
  • Product Search auto-complete drop-down list for Sales Order

31 May

Warehouse Transfer Import

  • You can import warehouse transfers using the Unleashed template.
  • New Role Permission added: Warehouse Stock Transfer Import.
  • For more information, see Warehouse Transfers

Price List Enquiry Report

  • New columns: Image and Qty on Hand

29 May


  • Available on Medium, Large, and Large Plus subscriptions.
  • You can use single or bulk scanning of product barcodes for the following processes: Receipting Purchase Orders, Stock Counts, and Sales Shipments.
  • For more information, see Barcoding.

15 May


  • Warehouses: New email field added. For more information, see Warehouses.
  • Warehouse Transfers: Email Source and Email Destination options added. For more information, see Warehouse Transfers.

View purchases

  • New filters: Supplier Reference and Sales Order No
  • New columns: Costing Sub Total and Sub Total

Add Assembly, Add Bill of Materials, Add Disassembly, and Production Enquiry

  • List of products will be displayed in the format: [ProductCode] - Product Description [Barcode].
  • Product Search will only return Assembled and/or Component products.

Product Image Preview will be displayed for the following grid areas:

  • Assemblies
  • Disassemblies
  • Bill of Materials
  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Quotes

8 May

Stock On Hand Enquiry Report

  • New columns:
    • Price Tiers column with tool tip to display detailed prices
    • Supplier Code
    • Supplier Name
    • Unit 
  • New filters: Supplier Code and Supplier Name

Completed Sales Orders and Sales Invoices

  • The following fields will remain enabled and can be edited:
    • Customer Reference
    • Delivery Method
    • Delivery Details
    • Salesperson
    • Sales Order Group
    • Comments

1 May

Purchase Order Recosting

  • Available on Medium, Large, and Large Plus subscriptions.
  • You can add purchase order costs on the "Add Purchase" page. The Add Purchase Cost menu is not available. 
  • New status called "Receipted" is now available. You can add more purchase costs if required when a purchase order is in Receipted status. Note: You cannot add costs to a Complete purchase order.
  • For more information, see Add Purchase Orders and Receipt Purchase Orders.

Purchase Order

  • Serial and batch numbers are displayed for Receipted and Complete purchase orders.

26 April

Auto Set Receipt Quantity option

  • Receipt Purchase page: You can select the checkbox available on the Receipt Quantity column to automatically set the receipt quantity to match the order quantity.
  • You can also choose the default behaviour of this option from the Company settings page. For more information, see Company Settings.

19 April

View Customers & View Products Pages

  • Added a bulk action cog with the following actions:
    • Select All
    • Select None
    • Delete
    • Obsolete
  • Added email address column to hidden columns (Customers only).
  • Added Delete and Obsolete items in existing action cog.

Added new items in Action cog on the View Sales Order Page:

  • Complete
  • Delete
  • Invoice

Credit Notes

  • Credit Notes are now shown when filtering by Salesperson on the Margin Enquiry.

12 April

API updates: New "brief" filter added to the Purchase Orders endpoint.  


10 April

Customer Import/Export

  • You can import/export customers, delivery addresses, and customer contacts from the Customers | Import/Export menu.
  • The Customers template file has two new fields: Invoicing Contact and Shipping Contact.
  • For more information, see Import Customers.

Quickbooks Integration

  • Ensure that the Display Name attribute in QuickBooks is unique for all customers and suppliers. 

27 March

Attribute Sets

  • You can create attribute sets made up of attributes and assign these sets to products.
  • For more information, see Attribute Sets.

API Updates

Doc Designer

  • Added Print Serial Numbers and Print Batch Numbers checkbox in the Invoices, Picklists, Ship Notes and Sales Orders templates. For more information, see Document Designer - Template tab.

20 March


  • Configuration tab: New field Auto Publish to Online Store added.
  • Select this option if you want new products added in Unleashed to be visible in your Shopify store.
  • For more information, see The Shopify Integration Setup.

API updates

Additional Address Line

  • An additional address line is available for company, customers, delivery addresses, suppliers, sales quotes, sales orders, purchase orders, warehouses, import/export, and doc designer templates.

22 February

Quickbooks Integration

  • The Description field in Quickbooks will display the "Product Code + Description" for all transactions passed from Unleashed to Quickbooks.

20 February

API updates

Quickbooks Integration

  • The DisplayName field in Quickbooks can be mapped to the Customer Code/Customer Name and Supplier Code/Supplier Name field in Unleashed.

13 February

Doc Designer

1 February

Shopify Multi-Store Integration

  • Available on Medium, Large, and Large Plus subscriptions.
  • You can integrate upto a maximum of 5 Shopify stores.
  • For more information, see Shopify Integration Introduction.

16 January

Doc Designer

API updates

You can now search for customers by mobile number.

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