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How do I upgrade my Unleashed subscription?

  1. Go to Settings | Billing | Upgrade.

The upgrade can only be completed by the current account owner. Any questions on this process please submit a case to our Experience Team. 

How do I cancel my Unleashed Subscription?

  • The cancellation can only be submitted by the Unleashed Account Owner.
  • Go to Settings - Billing. 
  • If you need additional support, please submit a case to our Experience Team. 
  • The cancellation will be completed in line with clause 8 of our Terms & Conditions.

How do I get help with my Unleashed subscription?

  1. From your Unleashed Account, click the question mark icon and then click Submit a Request (click to expand/collapse screenshot).
  2. Complete the details/attach screenshots and click Submit.

Our Customer Engagement Team will get in touch to help you with your queries.

How do I downgrade my Unleashed Subscription?

The functionality used in your existing subscription will be compared with the requested new plan and if possible the downgrade will be processed. Should any of the features be used which are not available on this downgraded plan then you will not be able to proceed. 
  • The Downgrade must be requested by the Unleashed Account Owner.
  • Please submit a case to our Experience Team with your Company Name and the subscription level you would like to downgrade to.

Can I get an extension on my 14 day Trial? 

Yes. When your 14-day trial has expired, on your next login you can select the option to Extend Your Trial for a further 14 days. 

Can I keep my business data from the trial when I convert to a live subscription?

Yes, if you select the options provided when you subscribe to Unleashed (click to expand/collapse screenshot). For more information, see Using Trial Data


How do I register to become a Unleashed Partner?

Full details on becoming an Unleashed Software Partner can be located here.

How do I update the existing Unleashed account owner?

  • The replacement account owner will need to be an active user of the account.
  • The existing account owner must please submit a case to our Experience Team. 

How do I see what my current subscription plan is?

  • Click <Your Account Name> drop-down list and then click My Account. The account and subscription details are displayed.


  • Go to Settings | Billing. 


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